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Drake (left) and Kendrick Lamar are the biggest names in hip hop currently--and now they’re in the middle of a legendary feud. (Photo: Arthur Mola/AP, Cooper Neil/AP)

Drake vs. Kendrick: The Feud Taking Over Hip Hop

Marcus Turner, Copy Editor May 2, 2024

Hip hop is in the midst of a feud at a scale that hasn’t been seen in its history, with seemingly all of the major rappers going at each other, and Drake, Kenrick Lamar, and J. Cole at the center...

R.B.C: Whos the Best Rock Band Ever?

R.B.C: Who’s the Best Rock Band Ever?

Caleb Barnett, Reporter April 15, 2024

Perhaps the most influential genre of music today is Rock Music with subgenres that include Metal, Grunge, and Punk. It cannot be understated that Rock music shaped the tunes we all listen to, and...

Junior Connie Runberg is enjoying his free time in class by watching the Priscilla movie.

A Spotlight on Priscilla

Sophia Mower, Reporter February 5, 2024

The noteworthy film Priscilla has grossed over $29 million worldwide and revealed the true story and perspective behind the famous Elvis Presley’s longtime wife and supporter, Pricsilla Presley. ...

The Wonkaverse: Which Film is the Best?

The Wonkaverse: Which Film is the Best?

Caleb Barnett, Reporter January 30, 2024

This article contains spoilers for all three films in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory franchise. With the release of the musical film Wonka this past December, the timeline of the Wonka Cinematic...

To Read? To Watch?

Avery Stelzriede, Managing Editor October 25, 2023

Imagine you’re at home, with some time to spare. It’s a weekend, and you’re looking for a way to relax. On one side of you, is the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy, and on the other, is the...

The MSCHF Website where people can buy the shoes for a minimum of $350.

A Glimpse at Teen Fashion Trends

Sean Stiles, Reporter October 24, 2023

Coming into 2023, new fashion trends have taken over. From Birkenstocks to Yeezy Slides, some of the newer trends are a great start to someone's identity but some EHS students view these trends in a more...

A visual shown at the concert during an interlude.

A Deep Dive on Renaissance

Sean Stiles, Reporter October 11, 2023

  Renaissance…the album by Beyoncé  that came out July 29th, 2022. This album was inspired from 1970s house music and pays homage to it. This genre was created by the Black Queer community...

“The pit” at a Conan Gray show with concert-goers who do not capture moments mentally.

Are In-Person Concerts Becoming a Virtual Experience?

Georgia Lujan, Editor-in-Chief October 1, 2023

  Picture this: You have secured a general admission ticket, you have waited in line for hours to get the best view possible, and the venue lights begin to dim; your favorite musician will be right...

RBC Marvel Infinity Saga Movie Bracket

RBC Marvel Infinity Saga Movie Bracket

Caleb Barnett, Reporter September 27, 2023

  Throughout the 2010s, many of us watched the Marvel Infinity Saga movies, maybe some more than others. All the watching culminated in 2019 with the release of Avengers: Endgame, a movie 11...

Some of the biggest releases of the year. (Photo: Universal Pictures, Netflix, Walt Disney Pictures, Sony Pictures)

Summer Movie Recap: The Best and Worst of 2023

Marcus Turner, Copy Editor September 21, 2023

2023 saw yet another season of blockbusters from across Hollywood. Today we’ll look through the good, the bad, and the ugly of this year’s summer flicks and see which ones are worth the watch.   Guardians...

A recreation of the records, album cover. The group has tattoos of teeth on their hand to recognize their song Bite the Hand, that was featured on their self title EP.

A Record Worth Waiting For

Emmi van Zoest and Georgia Lujan May 9, 2023

In the greatest comeback since Adele (in our opinion), supergroup boygenius, which features Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker, has returned to the music scene. This comeback comes five years...

Neytiri (Left) and Jake Sully (Right) stand fiercely in the second movie. (Photo Credit:

Avatar: The Return of the Film that Made History

Paula Yeboah Akosah, Reporter February 10, 2023

The ground-breaking, CGI-animated film: Avatar, became the highest grossing film of all time after its release in 2009. Thirteen years later, the second movie of the ongoing series, Avatar: The Way of...

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