Wake Up ‘n Wordle

The simple word game released last June has quickly become a staple of 2022. Spoilers below:


Marcus Turner

An example Wordle.

The latest sensation in the world of gaming has arrived — in the form of 30 boxes. Wordle is a simple word game where you have six attempts to guess a five-letter word. And it has blown up.

Released last summer by Brooklyn programmer Josh Wardle, the simple game has recently made its way onto everyone’s radar. The game itself is simple: guess any five-letter word, and each letter will be in green, yellow or white/gray (depending on if you play in dark mode). White/gray means that the letter isn’t in the correct word; yellow means the letter is in the word, but in the incorrect spot; green means that you got the letter in the correct spot. Keep guessing until you get five greens in a row, or guess incorrectly six times, and wait until midnight for the next word to come.

Wordle #242 solution. (Trisha Balani)

“It’s a bit like Scrabble, it lets you test your brain out,” said sophomore Adam Dymond.

Although it didn’t make a huge impact upon its initial release, it has quickly risen the ranks to become one of the most popular games of the year, with nearly a hundred times more Google searches thanduring its June 19 release. The game has become so popular, in fact, that The New York Times recently purchased it for over a million dollars.

“It can get really hard,” junior Aiden Moore said, “but it’s also really fun to have a new game every day.”

The game’s popularity has inspired many similar games, such as Quordle, where you guess four Wordles simultaneously, and Worldle, where you guess a country by its shape. Similarly, copycats on the App Store and Google Play Store have taken advantage of the lack of an official Wordle app, pulling in millions of downloads.

Suffice to say, Wordle is quickly becoming a favorite for many. Countless people play the game every single day. It is unknown how long the trend will last, but, for now, things are looking up for Wordle.