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Ask the Nest: Club Fair Edition
Ask the Nest: Club Fair Edition
Josiah Dunkin and Rhyan Herrera September 14, 2021

On September 8th, The Nest hosted our annual club fair during...

Image of Donald Trump giving a speech on the night of November 3, 2020. Image Courtesy of Deutsche Welle and Edmond Kunath.
Trump & the Four Years
Edmond Kunath, Advertising Manager • March 5, 2021
COVID-19 vaccine developed as the virus continues to spread and raise death tolls. (Frightwaves)
Vaccine Rollout
Karina Gofsheyn, Reporter • February 11, 2021
Trombonists (right to left) Naizel Keys-Miller, Jordan Johnson, and Olivia Pierce practice their tunes.
Home Away From Home: Marching Band
Ren Hotzfeld, Reporter • September 22, 2021

Every A day, about 200 kids attend a band class. Some...

Moving Forward
Moving Forward
Simone Beauchamp and Jeremy Garza September 20, 2021
Senior Overalls: Class of 2022
Senior Overalls: Class of 2022
Ren Hotzfeld, Reporter • September 17, 2021
Underclassmen: Back to School
Underclassmen: Back to School
Avery Stelzriede, Reporter • September 16, 2021
The East 100s men’s bathroom with a closed sign posted on the door.
The Devious Lick's Havoc
Jeremy Garza, Editor in Chief • September 24, 2021

Last week, Eaglecrest felt the shockwaves of a social...

A group of students with a common interest from a group as they play an icebreaker game.
Advisory 101
Crystal Li, Reporter • September 15, 2021
Gavin Scott (sophomore), encourages people to get vaccinated so that everyone can get back to doing what they love.
To Vax Or Not To Vax?
Trisha Balani, Magazine Editor • September 10, 2021
Tennis Swings it on Sr. Night
Tennis Swings it on Sr. Night
Trisha Balani, Magazine Editor • September 24, 2021
Junior Steven Sampson races in the rain at DeKoevend Park at the September 3rd invitational.
Starting the Season Off Right
Simone Beauchamp, Editor in Chief • September 13, 2021
Junior Kitna Ha, determined to win the volley and the match, braces himself as his CT opponent serves.
Boys Tennis Serves to Success
Avery Stelzriede, Reporter • September 13, 2021
Raptors celebrating together after scoring a huge point off a long lasting rally against the Bison.
Volleyball Back on Top
Rhyan Herrera, Website Manager • August 30, 2021
Finding the Right Story
Finding the Right Story
Avery Stelzriede, Reporter • September 24, 2021
Video Game Review: Hypnospace Outlaw
Video Game Review: Hypnospace Outlaw
Alex Martinez, Reporter • September 24, 2021
Album Review: The Fool
Album Review: The Fool
Beck Suby, Reporter • September 22, 2021
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