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Displayed at the kiosks at Sonic Drive-ins show an example of the issues of supply in the United States for many products.
The Economy is Coming Back…
Edmond Kunath, Reporter • November 30, 2021

As the world comes back out from the horrible start of...

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine bottle in 3D printed Colorado symbol on display is Chief of Vaccines Brandyn Emily-Herrera’s House as a memento of progress as they continue to vaccinate Coloradan everyday.
One Shot, Two Shot, Time To Get A Booster Shot
Rhyan Herrera, Website Manager • November 23, 2021
Veterans Day Breakfast
Veterans Day Breakfast
Trisha Balani, Magazine Editor • November 12, 2021
Website manager Rhyan Herrera (left) and Editor-in-Chief Simone Beauchamp work together on a story.
BTS: Nest Network
Marcus Turner, Reporter • November 30, 2021

As the 2nd period bell rings, students flock to the...

Thanksgiving Traditions
Thanksgiving Traditions
Ren Hotzfeld, Reporter • November 27, 2021
Dark Disney
Dark Disney
Rhyan Herrera, Website Manager • November 4, 2021

Childhood memories and fantasies are coming to an end...

Walkout Culture
Walkout Culture
Grace Garcia, Reporter • October 22, 2021
Tardy Policy
Carter Tullio and Edmond Kunath October 15, 2021
The East 100s men’s bathroom with a closed sign posted on the door.
The Devious Lick's Havoc
Jeremy Garza, Editor in Chief • September 24, 2021
Teachers participating in the pre-game introduction lineup.
Teachers, Students Face Off on the Court
Grace Garcia, Reporter • November 24, 2021
Run, Raptors! Run!
Run, Raptors! Run!
Jeremy Garza, Editor in Chief • November 1, 2021
Eaglecrest lines up shortly before the game.
EHS Softball Crushes Mullen 14-2
Marcus Turner, Reporter • October 7, 2021
Caption: Back after a 6-year hiatus, Adele sports a green gown in a Vogue photoshoot.
Adele Did It… Again
Jeremy Garza, Editor in Chief • November 25, 2021
Red (Taylors Version)
Red (Taylor's Version)
Emmi van Zoest, Reporter • November 17, 2021
Marvel’s line up as it was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019
The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Marcus Turner, Reporter • October 4, 2021
Finding the Right Story
Finding the Right Story
Avery Stelzriede, Reporter • September 24, 2021
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