Generations Continue to Divide

Aiyanna Jackson, Reporter

The disagreement between Baby Boomers and Generation Z has only continued to grow. But the question remains, is there really a controversy between the younger and older generations? Many people have made diss tracks and memes against baby boomers basically calling them “short minded” for thinking that times can’t change. Jedwill and Peter Kuli made the most popular “diss track” called “Ok Boomer” which has blown up on platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. He used lyrics such as “Staring at her bra like the evening news” to refer to the fact that, typically, Generation Z is more likely to dress more rebellious and do crazy things like get tattoos and wear ripped jeans. Whereas, the Baby Boomer generation grew up in a time where the craziest things kids did was go to speakeasies. He also mentions the fact that the Baby Boomer generation is also the generation that judges people the most as opposed to Gen Z which pretty much accepts everyone. 

It has also become known that the saying “back in my day…” can sometimes agitate younger generations since that saying can sometimes come off as being a way to make your situation seem more problematic than someone else’s. There is one thing I’m sure of though, Baby Boomers and Gen Z just cannot come to an understanding since Baby Boomers believe that the younger generations have little determination in life and little motivation, especially with the evolution of technology. However, Generation Z believes that the “baby boomer” way of thinking is outdated and tired. We all seem to agree on one thing, that times have changed and with this change has come growth. It is true that Generation Z is a little more out there than most geneations since our main way of thinking is inclusion of everyone regardless of your race, sex, or interests. 

Many people believe that there is a big gap between the generations. Rashan Davis expressed, “Yes I do believe there is a gap, one example is what does hard work mean? In my generation it’s go and in [gen Z] I believe it’s go until you don’t feel like going anymore.” Davis also says that Baby Boomers and Gen Z both have a positive effect in their own ways, but that older generations are the main generation who have a better work ethic. The younger generations are the ones who are used to having things handed to them. 

However, Brandy Canady disagrees with Davis’s statement. She believes that there isn’t much of a gap at all between the generations. She does agree; however, that the values of the generations are different as “Baby Boomers were brought up with values of their parents and they believe that we have to be a certain way in order to succeed, and Gen Z were brought up in a completely different time, and because of this we have different values.” 

All in all, the Baby Boomer generation and Generation Z really don’t have much to disagree on. The problem is that Baby Boomers like to control the younger generations because of the whole “respect your elders” idea, but the younger generations are sick and tired of being told what to do, what to wear, and where to go. That is the true problem.