90s Trends Making a Comeback

Chyenne Alexander, Reporter

The 90s were a time to be alive. They brought us everything that we love in today’s age. Most of our music artists have come from the influence of the 90s, and even our taste in fashion has been heavily impacted by this iconic era.
Most would assume that the 90s are irrelevant to today’s world, but that’s actually quite false. If you look at most of the beloved music influencers such as Nirvana, Tupac, Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, and so on, you can see that most of the music artists in today’s age are working to recreate these iconic artists’ style. Bringing back the 90s has become a massive trend, but who’s to say that they even left?
When talking with Amy Pointer, one of our math teachers here at EHS, I asked how she viewed the 90s, and if she ever participated in the fashion trends back then, “ In the 90s I was just entering college, and I was really focused on my schooling. That’s one aspect that I miss about the 90s. Everyone was so focused on their schooling, unlike most students now. School was a bigger priority.”
That’s understandable. Most students aren’t really that focused on academics anymore. I lead Pointer into a discussion about the fashion trends that were relevant in the 90s, and if she ever participated in them
“I never really participated in wearing scrunchies or the bandana’s like everyone else did, but I loved wearing flannels, and I had loads of them;That was one trend I participated in. I was a jock in college and so I liked wearing more tomboy clothes.”
In the realm of fashion the 90s trends are still thriving. Your most beloved scrunchies and Air Force ones are making a comeback. VSCO girls weren’t the first to have made these a trend. Go look at your parents’ old photos from their college days and you’ll see that they were setting these trends before you. The 90s brought not only scrunchies, but it also brought you your grunge looks. Flannels, Doc Martens, and chains were every rockers apparel. This was the most iconic look for our grungier friends, such as Kurt Cobain who was and still to this day is an icon for not only fashion, but music as well.
90s trends are still relevant and if you look throughout the halls you’ll notice that almost every person is following at least one trend from the 90s. The 90s never left and are only coming in stronger.