The Voices of Eaglecrest

Rachel Perez, Reporter

Eaglecrest High School is an establishment prided on its creativity. As a school, Eaglecrest has worked ceaselessly to maintain a strong arts division ranging from visual arts such as drawing, painting, and photography to performing arts like band, theater, and choir. In a nation where art programs are constantly being cut from schools, Eaglecrest diligently enforces their importance and continues to fund them in any means they can.

Therefore, it’s understandable with the amount of support and money being offered to this department, that the school would expect those who enjoy its services to display their Raptor pride outside the school. That is exactly what the Eaglecrest choir did.

On November 1, 2019, Eaglecrest High School sent two of its top choirs, Madrigals and Cantare, to the choir festival held at Metro University in downtown Denver. The festival was a celebration of choirs across Colorado and offered them a chance to get some constructive criticism from experienced professionals in the choir field.

Madrigals sang three songs to an audience of about one hundred fellow students from across the state. They were met with much appreciation and murmurs of approval.

While the mentors at the conference did have a few suggestions for improvements, they commended Madrigals heartfelt sound and intensity as well as their professionalism.

“The concert was cool and we got amazing feedback,” says madrigal member, Jonathan Jaramillo, “Even the ride there was awesome because we were singing songs and enjoying each others company.” 

         Though Cantare performed later in the day, they were met with just as much enthusiasm. Performing another three songs, they greatly impressed the mentors and walked away with little to no criticisms.

        “Although this wasn’t a competition, our choir team left it all on the stage,” says cantare member Alex Delouche, “I hope this becomes an annual thing.”

Exhibiting the kind of talent and dedication that makes our Raptor Nation proud, our choir team truly showcased the pride our school takes in elevating the arts.