Shane Dawson Jeffree Star Collaboration

Juliette Sabre, Reporter

After selling over 1 million eyeshadow palettes recently, the Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Conspiracy Collection has taken the world by storm. 

The Conspiracy Collection included: six velour liquid lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balm, three makeup bags, pig mirrors, the Mini Controversy Palette, and last but certainly not least the Conspiracy Palette. 

Both Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Shane Dawson have had bumps in the road this year while creating this collection. While Shane worried that his collection would not do as well as he hoped, his fans showed tremendous support on launch day crashing almost every website carrying the collection. Despite numerous website crashes, the entirety of the collection sold out in less than an hour. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics normally sells 1 million palettes in six to nine months. Because that quantity was sold in under a day, the Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Conspiracy Collection is now a permanent collection. 

Due to a limited quantity of materials for manufacturing the palettes, they were restocked last week for the last time of 2019. This restock sold over 120,000 palettes between the Mini Controversy Palette and the Conspiracy Palette. Since the palette has been added as a permanent addition to Jeffree Star Cosmetics, the palette will become readily available in 2020.

Shane Dawson started his series, “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star”, to investigate the drama in the beauty community and follow the production of his new makeup palette. He originally planned on including a drama aspect so that people would watch the series. What he didn’t know, was that his viewers loved watching the entirety of the series even without the drama. 

Now that six episodes of the series have been released, viewers are waiting for the drama episodes to be released. Shane has expressed that he doesn’t want to start drama again, and if he does release the episodes he wants them to have a purpose. 

In a recent Instagram live, Dawson also mentioned that he felt that the recent episode, episode six, felt like the finale. The series may have come to an abrupt end.