Eaglecrest 2019 Fall Play: Machinal

Juliette Sabre, Reporter

Eaglecrest’s 2019 fall play, Machinal, opened this past week on October 31. The play, based in the late 1920s, follows a young woman named Helen through her marriage to her husband, George Jones. 

Helen (Hannah Jenkins), decides to marry her boss, Mr. Jones (Hyrum Anderson). Although Helen decides to marry Mr. Jones, she doesn’t love him, and battles internally with their relationship for years. Later in the show, Mr. Jones dies of what is tried in court as murder. After being prosecuted relentlessly Helen confesses to murdering her husband and is sentenced to death.

A deeper meaning to Machinal is apparent to the audience through Helen’s emotional monologues, as well as the dull set and machine like behavior of the rest of the characters. Everyone but Helen appear unemotional and reserved, which gives Helen a sort of persona and makes her seem more human and real. 

The plotline of the show alone was amazing and powerful. Between set design, sound effects, and the acting, the play was truly captivating. The final scene titled “A Machine” shows the moments leading up to and at Helen’s execution. Helen’s final screams before her execution were the most emotional filled and powerful moments of the entire show. 

Hyrum Anderson, who played Mr. Jones,  said, “Eaglecrest shows have always been really impactful and powerful, and Machinal.. is definitely that.” 

“We eventually just had to start to get a feel for it, and moving from the rehearsal and theatre room to the stage was a long process,” said Anderson. 

The cast and crew have been tirelessly working and preparing for the show for the last two months. Over those two months cast and crew bonded tremendously and created amazing friendships. Their monumental effort truly showed throughout the play.  

Nevaeh Wasington said, “It was an amazing cast, and I feel like I have a family here and Eaglecrest.”

Our production of Machinal was one of the best shows I’ve seen at Eaglecrest. I can’t wait to see what our theatre department has in store for future productions. Congrats to the entire cast and crew for an absolutely amazing show.