Eric Anderson


Jeremy Garza, Reporter

“I had other careers before I was a teacher. You could be incredibly busy and do an incredible amount of work everyday, but it just didn’t feed my soul the way that teaching does. I had a mid-life crisis in my early thirties. I was working really hard. But I just was not fulfilled, like my soul was drifting. I think I came home one day and I was like you know I had these high school teachers and I could still name them all for you and they were in all different subjects, my favorite subject was actually English. And I could tell you, I’m confident in public speaking because of Brodsky. I’m confident in my writing because of Lasko and Bledsoe. I’m confident in my math because of my math teachers and so on and so forth. And it took me a while to figure this out about myself but I needed to spend my day trying to help other people learn something that would become part of them just being the, the best person they wanted to become.” -Eric Anderson