Depletion of Highschool Brutality

Juliette Sabre, Reporter

October is here which means efforts for bully prevention are at an all time high. Organizations and alliances alike have created hashtags and events to get involved in promotion against bullying. Organizations like STOMP Out Bullying and the Bully Project have created Blue Shirt Day, social change movements, and support walks for anti-bullying. These movements and efforts towards drastically reducing the effects and causes of bullying. 

These institutions have made extensive efforts to advocate against bullying, that could save countless lives, and encourage people to understand those struggling with the ramifications of bullying. 

Bully Prevention Month allows for bystanders to support victims in a movement against bullying. These days to show support can make the victims of bullying feel understood and comforted. Victims often don’t talk about what’s happening to them, increasing isolation and the feeling of loneliness. Being understood and comforted is all a victim could ask for.

This nationwide campaign to end bullying not only supports the victims but encourages people to think before they speak and stop bullies from mistreating those who don’t fit the societal norm. Since the majority of bullying happens related to or in schools, if we motivate people to be more open and accepting, bullying could dramatically decrease, especially cyberbullying.

Often times bullies themselves are facing issues in their life, and use bullying others as a coping mechanism. Bully Prevention Month also attempts to increase the awareness of what others may be going through contextualizing others’ lives. 

Bringing awareness to bullying especially in highschool can bring comfort and closure to those affected. Bully Prevention Month encourages people to be more compassionate and understanding. If people were made more conscious of their actions and what they say, an immense amount of people may not feel the effects of bullying, such as low self-confidence, anxiety, and depression. 

 The current mental health epidemic sweeping the nation has led to 1 in 4 people having a mental illness, or multiple for the matter. If our school participated in Bully Prevention, together we could hopefully make bullying obsolete, decreasing the depression, suicide, and anxiety rates to an all-time low.