Apple Launch

Jeremy Garza, Reporter

New iPhones and products were released during the 2019 Apple Keynote that was presented in the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California on September 10. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, presented the new products, software, and services with some of Apple’s elite employees.

They started with Apple Arcade, their new streaming service for video.  Cook described it as the largest partnership between the “world’s most innovative game developers”. Subscribers will have access to over 100 games and will be available in over 150 countries worldwide. A family plan is $4.99 a month and will be available on September 19.

Cook went into another streaming service with new information on Apple TV+. This service will feature Apple produced content starting November 1. They released the first trailer for a show titled “See”. Starring Jason Momoa, this series follows a world in the future where no one has the ability of sight. After Momoa’s character has two children that have the ability, he will do everything in his power to protect them.

Then they start talking about new hardware being released this year. Starting with the iPad, Cook reveals a refreshed display and a new setup designed for iPad’s large touchscreen. He also explains how Apple has created a brand new software system called iPadOS. The new iPad starts at $329, or $229 for educational purposes, and will be shipped next month.

Next, Cook displayed the Apple watch series five. With an always-on display and new software, this watch is designed for the everyday watch user. 

The watch is a leeway for health research, Apple is conducting three new studies that will change people’s lives. In partnership with Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Apple is conducting the first long-term study on women’s health. This study focuses on the menstrual cycle and gynecological conditions. 

Apple’s hearing study is examining factors that impact overall hearing health alongside the University of Michigan. And lastly, Cook discussed Apple’s heart and movement study. Partnering with the American Health Association, they are researching how heart rate and mobility signals relate to hospitalizations, heart health, and quality of life. Starting at $399, this watch is available on September 20. 

In closing, the new set of iPhones was released. Cook announced the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. The 11 comes in four classic colors and two new colors, green and purple. The 6.1 LED true tone display offers spatial audio, a dual camera, and a battery with another hour of battery life than the iPhone XR. iPhone 11 Pro has three-camera lenses. One of the first on the market, this phone has wide, ultrawide, and telephoto capabilities. Wide and ultrawide zoom out the frame of the photo and telephoto creates a quality zoom effect. This camera offers night mode, smart HDR, and high-key light mono portrait mode photos. The 11 Pro offers four more hours of battery life and comes in four colors. Both phones have the A13 chip, making them the fastest phones available in the world. iPhone 11 starts at $699 and iPhone 11 Pro starts at $999.

As Cook said, “Give people wonderful tools, and they’ll do wonderful things.”

These products are already making waves in the tech world and the media. The new hardware and software will soon be implemented into the lives of many.