Spirit Bus 2019 – 2020


Jeremy Garza, Reporter

Spirit bus is a staple of Eaglecrest’s homecoming week festivities. It is an opportunity for raptors to show their pride for the community to see. 2019’s spirit bus traveled to eleven feeder schools to run through the hallways bursting with school spirit. 

“Running through the halls of the feeder schools was super fun and really special. This was my first time on the spirit bus, AND it was really heartwarming to see all the cute little kids looking up to us and showing their raptor pride by cheering and giving little high fives. Every single school was full of energy and excitement, and it feels like just yesterday I was in their place imagining what it would be like in the big kids’ shoes,” Margot Holley, a junior who represented Latin club, said. 

Sawyer Guenzel, a sophomore who represented cheerleading, said about the day, “It’s fun to represent Eaglecrest because we have such a fun community, so I enjoyed showing the kids what Eaglecrest really is and how spirited our community is.”

“It was so much fun to run around and scream and yell chants to smiling kiddies. Just the amount of excitement you have, even though you are literally exhausted by the end of the day, was incredible! Such a thrill just to be able to show what Eaglcrest is all about,” Jasmin Connor, a sophomore who represented student council said about the experience. “It felt awesome to show so many kids what raptor pride is all about, showing that it’s okay to love your school and love to support it!” 

Spirit bus is a way for people from all parts of Eaglecrest to come together to celebrate school spirit and bring joy to the students from the feeder schools. “It was thrilling to see all the clubs, athletics, and the arts come together from our school to create a fun atmosphere for the kids. Seeing the kids smile and laugh is very fulfilling,” said sophomore, boys golf player Noah Vieyra. 

Amanda Watts, a fourth-grade teacher at Timberline Elementary School, said, “the kids look forward to the spirit bus every year, so they were excited when I told them that the spirit bus was coming. They all like to talk about siblings or neighbors they hope to see. Knowing high school kids is pretty cool for little people. They think highly of high school students.”

“Running through the hallways at feeder schools is, honestly, just such a rush,” said Chelsea Asibbey, a freshman. “It really just fills my heart with so much joy to see kids with so much spirit that are so excited to come into high school and just to see what Eaglecrest is all about.” 

Asibbey, a new student to Eaglecrest, is already thrilled to share what it means to be a raptor. She was in Thunder Ridge Middle School’s hallways, only a year ago, experiencing the same thing she was able to share. 

“It’s really cool to see all these kids who probably will be in my position someday, especially because I had so much fun with it when the raptors would come to my schools when I was younger,” said senior and choir representative Claire Hendricks.

“It’s good to know that the future of Eaglecrest is bright! I already can’t wait for next year,” said freshman, cheerleader Alexis Coovert.