Rowdy Raptors Raise the Roof

Juliette Sabre, Reporter

The school year has just begun, new and returning students flood the halls of our school. As a kickoff to the new school year, there will be a pep-assembly on August 23rd at 3:45 in the East Gym, to be followed by a time honored tradition, Raptor Rally. Clubs and sports teams like StuCo, Football, Theatre, and Volleyball will all be participating in this event.

Our football and volleyball teams  will be scrimmiging at Raptor Rally. Tennis will also have an all day tournament the same day. 

Our football teams have been preparing for their upcoming season since last March. 

 “We’ve been working hard all summer, getting stronger and faster,” said Reece Atteburry. 

This will be our football teams’ first opportunity to show Eaglecrest what they’ve been practicing all summer. The football team hopes to get to state and win their state championship rings. 

“We want a ring and anyone that’s in the way, we’re gonna try to beat them,” said Ty Robinson. 

Many clubs will be hosting booths with food, games, etc. A new addition to Raptor Rally is Dance Company’s collaboration with Mixing Bowl Cookie Dough. They will be selling ice cream and cookie dough, sold separately or mixed together. Dance Company does both a fall and spring show and this year they will be doing an extra show in March.

 “We try to raise all of our funds for costumes for that show,” at Raptor Rally said Ms. Ponsford.  

Student Council will be selling Eaglecrest “Rise Up” shirts. The football team will be selling BBQ and sides, while the wrestling team will be selling hotdogs and hamburgers. Both football team’s BBQ and the wrestling team’s hotdogs and burgers sell out fast so make sure to grab some while you can. 

DECA will be selling tacos in a bag. Don’t forget or stop by the Raptor Shack to grab your raptor wear. They will be selling t-shirts, popsockets, hoodies and more. 

Raptor Rally starts at 4:30 pm on August 23rd. Make sure to come to Raptor Rally, get some delicious food, play some fun games, and check out the football scrimmage as they start their season strong. Come be a part of our community, have fun, meet people and support our school. Don’t miss out on the unsurpassable experience that is Raptor Rally.