Is Fast Media Ruining Innovation?

Jeremy Garza, Reporter

The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment is the definition of critical thinking and Americans do not critically think anymore. In other words, Americans cannot think for themselves and make their own decisions.

During a time of social media craze and instant information, because of the internet, Americans should be able to share their opinions based off of valid information they find online. But they are too lazy to find unbiased information to form their original opinions. They look at the first source they can find, often a very one-sided, politically biased new outlet, and reiterate words that they just read to get into petty arguments on Facebook or Twitter.

Americans need to think for themselves, but right now they just are not and it is becoming an issue in politics. People vote based off of a look or biased report online. They need to be voting based on policy and direction of the candidates or issue.

A simple google search on an issue will come up with hundreds of articles, videos, podcasts, and blog posts about it, with the creators putting their agenda onto their audience. It isn’t hard to find the unbiased information during this digital age, but people are choosing not to try.

For America to be called “The Free World” the nation needs to make their decisions free of internet bias that gets the public to carry their opinions to the ballot. For America to be called “The Land of the Free” people need to make their own choices and create their own opinions to live by. It is cowardly to spend hours on biased twitter or watching politically driven television shows and not take the time to read issues that are affecting our world.

Americans need to critically think. We need to take more time to just think about the world or the country and what we want to do with it. What changes can we make to improve the country we live in and the Earth we walk? This is a difficult question when we focus on our political party’s values instead of what we honestly think. Our political parties have become our identities. This doesn’t allow us to think for ourselves, it causes us to conform to what our party tells us.

We need to make a shift. To keep our country alive and keep our people independent we need to change. To be independent we need to start being making our own decisions on the direction we, the people, want to make without the voices of others influencing us. This shift must be made or our democracy will soon be completely controlled by the biased media.