Thank You

Mackenzie Prendergast, Reporter

This spread is meant to be a collection of thought-provoking pieces for the student body, staff, and other readers to reflect upon as a crisis not only facing our community but our country. Mental illness is something many have faced in one respect or another and while conversation surrounding this topic is advancing, there are still areas for improvements. I wanted to create pieces that could allow honest conversations to take place about the mental health issue plaguing the nation. I want to extend a special thanks to all who contributed to these pieces with their own personal stories and interviews leading to open conversations.

Thank you to Ms. Jennifer Hernandez for sharing her son’s story with me and allowing his story to be a catalyst for reform at this school. Thank you to Lex Ruiz, McKenna Whitten, Audrey Hance, Alex Lay, Christian De La Sierra, Natalie Hernandez, CJ Martinez, AND SOMEONE for allowing me to hear your personal trials with mental health and your own heartbreak. Thank you to Ms. Jennifer Johnson, Amy Shamberg, Barbara Edwards, Tracy Grobbe, and Ms. Lauren Ross and Amy Plog  for their help through your expertise and support with the weight of these stories. Thank you to my parents, Scott and Connie Prendergast, for their support not only through the emotions of writing these stories but their support in helping me find myself and never hesitating to get me the help I needed. Thank you Ms. Paige Gilbert and the EagleQuill staff for your unending support in going after this tough topic and advice that pushed me to make this the most effective spread I could. And finally, thank you Mr. Jim Roome for your unwavering support and going above and beyond to listen to not only mine but other students concerns surrounding mental health and taking action to help create real change.

As you read these stories I hope you learn from each side, realize you aren’t alone, and understand the only way to make a change is by coming together. Our voices are louder together.