Eaglecrest Photographers Delve Into Emotions Through Art

Jeremy Garza, Reporter

Starting on April 12, 2019, Eaglecrest High School student photographers are being showcased in an art show at Pirate Contemporary Art Gallery in Lakewood. Akina Bell, Oliver Godfrey, Tyler Hardin, and Hailey Stilley were all selected to be showcased in the Month of Photography Teen 2019 show. These Eaglecrest students are talented photographers

The month of Photography Denver was started in 2004 by Mark Sink, using the Houston FotoFest as inspiration. He wanted a platform for Denver and Metro area artists to share their work to the public.

This art show is an opportunity for students to show their work, but also a message they are passionate about. In Oliver Godfrey, a Junior’s, case, the photo shows a deep insight into his struggles with gender and his role in this society. It beautifully shows his emotion in a complex photograph. The photo makes the audience think about themselves in a new light and look at others with fresh eyes. His work, among other student’s, have powerful themes that students, teachers, and parents can see every day.

Akina Bell, a Junior, entered a black and white photo of a classmate sitting with their face off camera. It can be viewed as a peek into femininity and beauty in the world.

Photography teacher Laura Hamilton is really excited about this art show in particular. “I am looking forward to seeing my students work in a gallery setting. That’s the ultimate goal, as an artist.” Hamilton has been the photography teacher at Eaglecrest for two years. She is a great teacher who helps students find their passion for art.

This is Hailey Stilley, a junior’s, first art show and she is thrilled to be participating. “I am looking forward to seeing if I can place, and what other artwork is in the show.” She is a new artist and she is exceeding her expectations.

Tyler Hardin, a Junior, took an intense photo of a hand in a forest. He originally intended to take a picture of a flower in full bloom, but his friend put her hand in the shot. A new vision entered his mind for this photo and it remains one of his best.
Artists want their work to be seen, but also want to see other’s work. Seeing each other’s hard work can be inspiring and moving as an artist. Student artists also want to explore different mediums, and this art show gives them that chance. “I am looking forward to seeing all the different mediums of art displayed at this art show,” said Akina Bell.