Bird Box, Netflix Original Causes Controversy

Tersa Bitew, Reporter

The hit phenomenon Bird Box, still available on Netflix, has caused much controversy on regarding the plot and idea of being blindfolded. Since airing on December 13, 2018 it has been widely discussed on all social medias and platforms due to its notoriety.

First premiering on Netflix, Bird Box became well known due to its uncommon, yet intriguing plot that heavily focuses on everyone being blindfolded. Initially it starts off with protagonist, Malorie Hays (Sandra Bullock) pregnant and expecting soon and only supported by her sister. They go to the hospital for a check-up and while driving away all of a sudden people begin to kill themselves and act abnormal. She loses everything and finds herself astray at a stranger’s home (Douglas).

After witnessing tremendous death and loosing her sister, Hays realizes that the entire population is either dead or possessed and discovers that the only way to survive was to avoid the evil spirits by being blindfolded.

After trial and error, Hays, and new friend Tom, build a relationship for five years living with her child and her late friend’s child.

Hays and Tom eventually embark on a journey to get to a safe haven they heard about and decide to travel blindfolded. Getting to their destination is dreadful and much is revealed about the film.

Although it was not advertised as much, it did exceptionally well for a Netflix Original, gaining a 62% on Rotten Tomatoes. Through the diverse individuals casted in the movie like, Sandra Bullock, Machine Gun Kelly, Sarah Paulson, etc. Bird Box attracted a larger audience and more fans.

The success of Bird Box has caused much controversy about its content, influencing celebrities to take part in challenges and prank videos, filming themselves blindfolded, harming environments and portraying unnecessary violence.

Netflix has had to make a few statements regarding incidents and specific scenes in the film informing their audience to not partake in harmful events relating to their movie.

Birdbox’s constant popularity revealed how audiences truly acknowledged this movie and supported its creativity and uniqueness. It was new, exciting, and nerve-racking, but most of all blindsiding.