Double Double Toilet Trouble

Jeremy Garza, Reporter

This school year, the students at Eaglecrest have become much more aware of bathroom quality. 3,043 students use 11 bathrooms every day, and expect them to be sanitary.

Students who have been at Eaglecrest for as long as three years or as little as six months can walk into a restroom and easily see that they are mistreated.

Zoe Griffiths said “The toilets always overflow, there is never soap, or enough toilet paper.”

Students should not be expected to use broken toilets and the need for soap cannot be ignored.

“I don’t usually use the bathrooms too much unless I really have to go,” Amanda Smith, said.

To grasp the idea of students avoiding using the bathroom in a building that they visit five days a week is difficult.

Eric Ogleman, an Eaglecrest security guard, said, “I wouldn’t want to spend much time in there, you’ve smelled those things.”

Staff avoid the bathrooms, but students need to use them.

Grace Anderson said, “I usually have to check multiple stalls to find a decent one.”

The students of Eaglecrest find disgusting things in bathrooms every day, and they are not pleased.  But students might be the biggest part of the problem. The repulsive things that are found in bathrooms are put there by the students. Students make the bathrooms an annoying aspect of everyone’s day.

Custodians at Eaglecrest do their best to clean the bathrooms and keep them clean, but it seems to never be enough. They could clean them all day, and students would still disregard the Raptor way and disrespect bathrooms. Students make the job of Eaglecrest custodians more difficult.

“[Feces]. [Feces] in the urinals and on the floor. Tampons on the floor and in toilets,” Charles Betty, a custodian said.

To expect another human to clean your waste off the floor is borderline inhumane. Then students complaining about restrooms being dirty is very ignorant. If students want cleaner bathrooms, they must learn to respect them first. The growing study body must respect the school.

Matt Best, a social studies teacher, said, “As a school, we are at capacity and I’m not sure our bathroom capacity has really grown with us.”

Recently the boy’s bathroom in South Hall was changed to a faculty restroom.

Colorado State Government Rules and Regulations Governing Schools article 3-604 states, “Toilet rooms shall be conveniently located at a travel distance of not more than two hundred feet from any room to be served.”

Some of the South classrooms are out of code, being more than 200 feet away from a restroom. This issue needs to be fixed.

Compromise needs to happen for bathrooms to remain clean in a school with a small bathroom to student ratio. Students must try to keep bathrooms clean and report them when they’re not. Custodians must put soap and toilet paper in the bathrooms. For change to happen, students, staff, and custodians must work together to make bathrooms issues less of a burden for everyone.