Furry Friends Joins EHS Halls

Tersa Bitew, Reporter

Alaura Bornmann Martin, a sophomore at Eaglecrest High School, has a one of a kind Corgi dog named Tonka that she brings to school everyday. Martin’s dog is always near her in the case of a panic attack.

“If I can’t stop my anxiety attack he is supposed to get someone who can.” She explained.
Although Tonka is still in training, he can easily pick up on Martins signs of panic.

“When I [panic, I] sit down and shake my leg. When he sees that, he knows to jump up.” She continues, “He also tells me to take my meds.”
Tonka trains at the Rock One Canine Center. He visits three to four times each week and trains in hour incriments. Martin’s uncle breeds Corgis, this being one of the main reasons why Martin ended up with Tonka.

Martin was nervous about the attention she would gain upon bringing Tonka to school.
“I didn’t know how people were going to react. I didn’t know what to do during passing periods. I didn’t know if he was going to freak out and not be a good match for the setting.” After the first day she got used to having him around.
Part of Martins responsibility is making sure Tonka is taken care of during the school day.

“He eats morning and night so it doesn’t affect the school,” Martin continues, “He goes to the bathroom before school, during lunch, or during passing periods.”
Tonka is a certified service dog, allowing him to go anywhere Martin goes. If Martin continues to college, Tonka will be going with her. Martin states that Tonka has changed her life for the better.

Although she has only had Tonka for six months, he has been her lifeline.
“I was very messed up in the beginning of this year.” Marti recalled. “ I didn’t like people, didn’t like talking to people. I kind of pushed everyone away. I got him and I was so much happier. ” said Martin.