Passion for Service


Tersa Bitew, Reporter

Esther Varghese, a junior at Eaglecrest, excels at everything she does and is very active participating in afterschool clubs and academics. Varghese is a part of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Rho Kappa, Sci-Tech, Honors Diploma, National Honor Society and she is the Vice President for Speech and Debate, Science National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and participated in track and cross country.

Varghese elaborates, “I’ve always been looking to get into honor societies and get involved academically.”

She loves facing challenges and accomplishing her goals. Not only is she in these activities, but she volunteers at the Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital where she interns as a cardiothoracic or trauma surgeon.

Varghese’s volunteering has allowed her access to rare experiences. This year Varghese was able to witness an open heart surgery which was an eye opening experience.

Varghese voices that “I want to do something where it’s not about me, it’s not about necessarily my performances, it’s about saving lives, it’s about taking care of other people. It’s about providing other people with the opportunities that I’ve gotten myself.”

Varghese’s desire to become a surgeon began when she was in the second grade, after she watched the movie Something the Lord Made.

She  explains “It’s a movie about Dr. Blalock and Vivien Thomas, and Vivien was the first black heart surgeon, and so that really inspired me for the first time and I was like Oh, I want to be in medicine and I want to do something like that.”

  She has also watched the Ben Carson movie and read his books. Varghese has used their successes to learn and be just like them.

Varghese wants to pursue a career of medicine and get her MD at Johns Hopkins University and from there join a residency program that allows her to get involved.

  As for scholarships, she’s looking at the website for micro scholarships, but plans on applying for  bigger scholarships her senior year.

Esther Varghese is a brilliant and compelling young student, and most of her drive comes from being a first generation immigrant.

Her cultural background is 100%  Indian and being first generation is an advantage for her.

“I know a lot of people who would be in my same position, if my parents hadn’t chosen to move our family over here

they would have not had the same opportunities as me.”

Varghese  continued, “They wouldn’t have been able to get involved in things like Speech and Debate,  track,  cross country, and things like that and to be able to be involved in their community in the same extent that I’m able to.”

Varghese has had many inspirations throughout her life, but her overall inspiration is Jesus Christ.

Varghese’s faith has shaped who she is as a person. With her church, Varghese has been on two mission trips at Sayulita, Mexico.

“I’m a Christian, so for me everything has always been around this idea of how I want to please God in every way and everything that I’m doing,”

Varghese continued, “I want to do something that counts in the end and brings him glory just because he’s such an important part of my life, for me it’s always been important to do my best because it’s my opportunity.”

Varghese knows where she stands and does not settle for less.

She is aware that she has to be able to be the best and make herself and her parents proud.

She acknowledges that, “The opportunities that are available through the district and through the school are just insurmountably more than anywhere I could have asked for, so it’s just an incredible opportunity to push myself.”