Denver Post Features EHS on Post Preps Gameday Show


Brianna Rae

Talking A Big Game: Former Head Coach Mike Schmitt and quarterback/defensive back Jalen Mergerson discuss plans for the postseason with The Denver Post’s Kyle Newman.

Tersa Bitew, Reporter

   EHS held an impromptu Pep Rally on November 17th before the school day began. It was held by The Denver Post, who pick a school to hold a pep rally at each week. The pep rally was to honor EHS athletics and was influenced by the state quarter finals.

   This season EHS football has been dominating our opponents, and a pep rally seemed like the best celebration. The band was playing at the front doors of the theatre entrance and students were crowded everywhere cheering and dancing along with the music.

   Free tickets to the state quarterfinals were also being handed out to support the football team.  It was a great event where students and student athletes were able to represent EHS culture and have fun.

   Sophomore Amani Pearson says, “I think it’s super exciting and super energetic and gets everyone pumped for the game.”

   Many entertained themselves with their friends dancing along and chanting songs.

   One of the loudest students there was Bethanie Craft, enthusiastically saying,  “There’s so much energy, so much positivity. I love all of the vibe, I don’t think it could get any.”   

   The presence of the crowd was so influential and exciting, everyone was enjoying themselves and having a fantastic time.

   “I liked how spirited, our community as Eaglecrest got together so suddenly,” Natasha Stalcup, a varsity cheerleader stated.

   Everyone was there from the band to the football team to the cheerleaders. Valeria Vazquez said “I felt good, it was fun, we got to cheer with the band and do the fight song with the band.”

   The pep rally really showed how as a community, we were able to gather and represent EHS. We also showed how engaging our students shows the RAPTOR way.

   Everyone showed their support; students, athletes, cheerleaders, teachers, and administrators were active in this pep rally revealing the EHS spirit and family-like nature of our culture.

   The Denver Post picked a great time in determining the date of the pep rally because the EHS football season was in the middle of their success streak.

   EHS’ long-standing heritage, and culture of diversity  and determination provides an incredible foundation for student success.