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Anh Tran is the president of the Pan Asian Culture Club (PACC) at EHS. (Crystal Li)

The Unknown Has Finally Become Known

Crystal Li, Reporter April 2, 2021

Hate crimes against the Asian community have always been occurring, but nobody made a big deal out of it. The cases of hate crimes have sharply increased these past couple of months, mainly due to...

Image of Donald Trump giving a speech on the night of November 3, 2020. Image Courtesy of Deutsche Welle and Edmond Kunath.

Trump & the Four Years

Edmond Kunath, Advertising Manager March 5, 2021

The 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, was considered by many to be a rollercoaster of drama and turmoil from January 20, 2017, all the way to January 20, 2021. But what exactly...

COVID-19 vaccine developed as the virus continues to spread and raise death tolls. (Frightwaves)

Vaccine Rollout

Karina Gofsheyn, Reporter February 11, 2021

As the pandemic is developing, scientists Ugur Sahin, 55, and Ozlem Tureci, 53, dedicated their lives to the field of oncology and infectious diseases. Before Covid, they spent years pioneering personalized...

”Springs Rescue Mission is one organization providing shelter and resources for people experiencing homelessness in El Paso County.” CPR News.

Homeless Rate Rising in Colorado

Rhyan Herrera, Reporter February 3, 2021

Over the past 3 years, Colorado has seen an overwhelming increase in homlessness. Since 2017, there has been a huge jump of 20,267 homeless people living in the state of Colorado, with over 45% of the...

President Joe Biden during his Inaugural Address after being sworn in as 46th President of the United States, with members of the new administration and family members behind him. Image Courtesy of CNET.

Here We Go Again…

Edmond Kunath, Advertising Manager January 25, 2021

With the start to 2021, the political world in Washington D.C. has spent a lot of time in a state of uncertainty. In the waning days of the Presidency of Donald Trump came a blow to the United States...

An Armenian soldier firing artillery at 
Azeri forces (Image Credit: NYT).

The Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict, Explained

Demir Mikulin, Reporter December 16, 2020

With so many things going on all at once in our country, it can be hard to pay attention to the bigger world around us. From the presidential election to a spike in COVID cases, there’s enough on our...

Image of the White House during the summer as seen from the North Lawn and Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. Image Courtesy of the United States Government.

The Process After the Presidential Election

Edmond Kunath, Advertising Manager December 9, 2020

As President of the United States, it’s not as easy as passing a baton to the next one. The Presidential Transition is a period in which the President-Elect of the United States installs and helps...

Image of the Colorado State Capitol Rotunda.

The Aftermath of the 2020 Election

Edmond Kunath, Advertising Manager November 23, 2020

What an election it has been, filled with chaos and worry. Now that the 2020 Election is finally over, and after a large debate at the federal level, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have become the 46th President...

Fourth grader Adelaide Beauchamp works on an online project, engaging in the new, remote form of learning.

A Tumultuous Transition

Simone Beauchamp, Written Content Editor November 23, 2020

We are at the start of a new era of education. Perhaps it will only last the next few weeks, or perhaps it will become our new reality. Either way, remote learning is here to stay for the moment. This...

NN: The Raptor Wrap

Nicholas Sampson, Host November 21, 2020

Joe Biden: the 46th President of the United States of America

Joe Biden: the 46th President of the United States of America

Israel Barkat, Reporter November 15, 2020

His journey to the presidency The build up to this election has been hectic, to say the least. Our country is having issues on every front: medical, environmental, social. And to many, choosing the...

Presidential Candidates Joe Biden of the Democratic Party and Incumbent President Donald Trump for the Republican Party.

2020 Election in Gridlock and Turmoil Morning After

Edmond Kunath, Advertising Manager November 5, 2020

After a long awaited election has taken the involvement and notice of many within this country, the fate of the presidency is still unknown. As of 11:36 PM Mountain Standard Time, Biden leads the electoral...

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