Breakfast with Legislators

Rachel Perez, Reporter

On October 23, 2019, Eaglecrest High School was given the amazing opportunity to partake in having Breakfast with the Legislators at the new CCIC building.

For those who don’t know, Breakfast with the Legislators was an event offered to the Eaglecrest chapter of National Social Studies Honor Society, Rho Kappa, and allowed students to attend  breakfast with Colorado legislatures: Representative Meg Froelich, Representative Mike Weissman, Representative Janet Buckner, Senator Jeff Bridges, and Senator Rhonda Fields. Students helped set up the breakfast, seat attendees, and facilitate the conversation asking questions and timing the politicians responses.

 The conference opened with a speech made by the superintendent of Cherry Creek Schools, Dr. Scott Siegfried, emphasizing the level of excellence our district strives for and achieves every year. With a nod to how hard our legislators work to keep the schools of Colorado high achieving and efficient, the superintendent initiated discourse with some heavy questions discussing the budget of our schools as well as how our legislators plan to handle some upcoming bills regarding the distribution of funds between districts.

Although not all of the politicians agreed on every issue presented, it was clear that one of their top priorities was to create an educational environment where students of all backgrounds can learn at high levels as well as feel safe in their own schools.

As the conversation was brought to a more somber note, the discussion fell on the subject of teen suicide and mental health. 

With the recent death of a Denver Public School student so fresh on everyone’s mind, the politicians were at a loss for words to express their sorrow and frustration at the fact that, as Representative Janet Buckner puts it, “there is no easy solution to a problem like this.” With tears welling in her eyes, Representative Meg Froelich relays the difficult process it is to console those affected by such a lost and not sensationalize the situation in the eyes of the public. With the last word on the matter, Senator Rhonda Fields ended discussion with the simple idea that a kind word, a closer look, and an open heart might just be what our school districts need in order to combat the high teen suicide rates present in Colorado.

With a final thank you from the superintendent, the conference came to a close, signaling the many scrapings of chairs and a group photo with four of the legislators and Eaglecrest’s very own Rho Kappa society.