Album Review: The Fool

Bladee (Benjamin Reichwald) is a Swedish rapper, songwriter, record producer and designer of his brand and musical group called Drain Gang. The first album released by Bladee was Eversince in 2016, and his second album was called Red Light, released in 2018. It features electronic, hyperpop, and emo rap elements. 

His newest and most successful project is The Fool, which was released on May 28th, 2021. The Fool is the 5th studio album by Bladee. “The Fool” was produced by Lusi and features Lease and Thaiboy Digital on the album in a few songs. “The Fool ” has 13 tracks and totals at only 32 minutes. “Lets ride”, “Hotel Breakfast ”, “I Think…” and “Egobaby ” being the most popular tracks. Many songs on the album feature emo rap and hyperpop – like most of his previous albums.

Album Cover of The Fool  (YEAR0001)

The Fool Intro (2:00)

“The Fool Intro” is the first track on The Fool. “The Fool intro” is a cool song because it starts off the album, and uses similar beats and noises to other tracks in the album. The opening track “The Fool Intro” sounds very futuristic and electronic. “The Fool Intro” serves as a preview to what the listener is about to experience and it shows off Bladee’s style of music.

Let’s Ride  (2:25)

“Let’s Ride” is the second track on The Fool. “Let’s Ride” is the most well known and streamed track from the album. The track features melodic vocals by Reichwald. He does this in other songs throughout The Fool.  “Let’s Ride” is one of the more fast paced songs featured on this album. In the lyrics, Reichwald describes how he feels about himself and what others think of him. He then shifts to singing about his interests and how he has learned to not care so much about others’ perceptions of him. 

Hotel Breakfast  (2:15)

“Hotel Breakfast” is the third track. It is a more electronic rap and hip-hop based song. The rhythm and beat of Hotel Breakfast is very skippy and influenced by pop. “Hotel Breakfast” has less of a deep meaning than other songs on the album, but it’s very catchy. In the song, he flexes what he’s earned with his hard work. 

I Think…  (3:12)

“I Think…” is the fourth song on The Fool. “I Think…”  is a slow song with some upbeat sounds that match Bladee’s vocals well. Compared to other songs on the album, “I Think…” is more calming and melodic. It is definitely one of my favorite songs on The Fool. “I Think…” is about his unrequited love for someone, and how he is not receiving what he puts into the relationship.

The Fool is a good album because it marries a lot of different styles of music, sounds, vocals and beats together.  I personally recommend The Fool for people that are into hyperpop, emo rap and electronic rap. The Fool is very similar to most of Bladee’s other music, and I don’t see a change in his style of music coming soon at all. Overall, I rate The Fool as a 7.5/10.