What are the best masks during this covid pandemic?

No one really expected this outbreak, let’s be honest. With the drastic change in our lives and world over the course of the last few months, no one really thought about our world in masks. Now that things have kind of settled, it would be a great time to see what masks would suit you best! We have to keep in mind that safety should come first. That includes breathing level and effectiveness of the mask.

For safety, John Hopkins Medicine provides information on masks and their sanitation and safety. Thicker, more densely woven cotton fabrics are best, such as quilting cotton or cotton sheets. Stretchy knits aren’t ideal. To test this, hold the fabric up to the light: The fewer tiny holes you can see, the better it will work to filter droplets. Overall, making a good mask involves finding a balance; you want fabric that doesn’t allow droplets to pass through while ensuring you can still breathe properly with your mask in place.

Now that we have covered recommended safety requirements, let’s get into which face masks could brighten up your day. 

In my opinion, there is no limit to how your mask looks, but it does depend on preference. This also includes fabric. Some people have more sensitive skin than others, so we should take that into consideration.

Silk fabric masks have been becoming more and more popular. The soft silky fabric causes the least friction of any fabric, which helps to prevent those minor skin wounds on the cheeks and nose that heal over, clogging pores and causing spots in the process. This is definitely a plus for people who have sensitive skin. Sali Hughes, a Welsh journalist, states “Silk is also cool and breathable, which is of significant help around the chin area.” Even besides the chin area, it would definitely be a bonus to have a more comfortable mask. These silk masks could be DIY’d or bought from many websites including Amazon.

World wide pandemic masks use best sellers; Amazon face masks being sold 100% cotton and different varieties to fit your amazing style.

 Another highly recommended fabric is cotton.

100% cotton outperforms most synthetics. According to MIT Medical, this may be because synthetic fibers are relatively smooth at the microscopic level, while cotton fibers have a somewhat three-dimensional structure that likely creates additional barriers to both outgoing and incoming particles. Cotton face masks are also very popular. Most of the store sold masks are made out of cotton. They are comfortable and breathable. With cotton, you could basically choose or make any designed mask. This helps with a range of patterns and colors for those who desire something a little less simple and basic. 

DIY masks have also been a huge thing recently. With different designs and preferences, people can make exactly the mask they want. Some have made masks for special purposes, such as clear masks for those hard of hearing or deaf, different straps for those who have ear pain or irritation, and even masks with zippers for a quick snack or sip of a drink!

There is never really a limit to how your mask could look. This is all personal preference and ideas. Once again, masks can always be turned into something fun and beautiful, but safety always comes first.