Obscure Holidays in September


September just started, and there’s so many holidays to look forward to. It’s also the month where Autumn starts, so look for leaves turning color and the weather getting a little colder. There are well known days in September like Labor day and Fall Equinox. Although society mainly celebrates these well-known days, who cares about that when there are so many other special days to celebrate this month.  

The first obscure holiday is National Blame Someone Else Day. This day is a great idea to pull a prank. So, do something, and blame it on someone else. Obviously, not something illegal or harmful against anybody. This event occurs on September 13, so keep this date in mind! I know this national day is quite strange, but it’s nice to have a day specially made for joking around.

In case you aren’t really celebrating any of these holidays, not to worry because we as students are already celebrating one on Tuesday, September 15. This day is dedicated to Online Learning. We are all doing some sort of online this year due to COVID, but it’s okay because we get to celebrate a national holiday while doing it.

A good way to wind down after a long day is by watching movies. So, here’s the million dollar question: Is Batman a superhero or just a vigilante? I personally don’t know, but I do know that Batman keeps the citizens safe from danger. Obviously, we have to have a day dedicated to him! The special day occurs on September 21. So watch a Batman movie and celebrate him. There are many great movies that star Batman, so go check one out!

Talking about pranks to superheroes has made me hungry. If you could have either pancakes or waffles? Or both? Well for you pancakes lovers, there’s a whole day made for pancakes on September 26. These little cakes are light, fluffy, golden masterpieces that taste amazing. Sometimes, they come out a little flat and burnt, but it’s alright – they’re still pancakes. When deciding what pancakes to eat, there are so many different pancake choices and toppings. Haleigh, a sophomore, loves to eat pumpkin pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes at IHOP. She knows that “they slap.”

The last day of September is devoted to loving people. Honestly I like the idea of having a day made for showing people love and kindness because showing those emotions just makes the world a better place. It doesn’t hurt to be a little kinder and friendlier to others. We never know what some people might be going through, so it’s just better to show love to everyone. Showing love just doesn’t have to be September 30th specifically – it could be any day of the year. Go spread some kindness today!