On My Block VS All American

Taking American society by storm, On My Block and All American have quickly risen to become fan favorites on Netflix. However, because the shows are very similar and yet so different, fans are divided down the middle about which one is ‘better.’ And as a viewer of both, it’s about time I voice my own opinion.

Taking a look at On My Block, I was actually against watching this show because I didn’t like the preview of it and it just didn’t appeal to me. The reason I watched the show was that both of my sisters watched and enjoyed the show a lot. 

When I first watched this show, I enjoyed the consistent plotline details that the show offered. It also provided insight into how gangs and drugs are heavily integrated with neighborhoods and how it affects its people. The show is about a group of friends dealing with adult problems while still being in high school. 

I do have a few issues with the On My Block. There are so many unrealistic solutions to problems. Like My Little Pony, everything works out in the end- which is very frustrating. And the fact that high school plays a minimal part in the show starring high school kids is super confusing. 

Onto All American, this show is about a promising football player from South L.A being recruited to play in Beverly Hills. It follows the struggles and losses of two families from two different worlds. This show focuses on all three parts of their plot: adult problems, high school, and good ole’ American football. I watched this show because I hadn’t actually ever watched a sports-themed tv show and I saw this on Netflix and thought, “why not?” It ended up being a good choice because I really like this show. 

There were still problems because no teen show is ever perfect. I didn’t like how cliche it was; it kind of reminded me of the movie The Blind Side. One thing I did like about the show was that it provided insight into how people of color are being treated in today’s society and also how low-funded neighborhoods have disadvantages in comparison to their funded-neighborhood counterparts.

I asked my youngest sister who’s obsessed with the show and has also watched All American which one she preferred and she said On My Block; she said On My Block and when I asked her why she said that the show was interesting and “had lots of twists”.

Overall, both shows are both really good and recommend watching both. However, in my opinion, I prefer All American. It offers a teenage perspective that On My Block seems to miss because the characters on that show don’t act like they’re teenagers. Both are worth watching but I would recommend All American a little more. All American offers a more realistic view on important issues and On My Block missed the mark on a few of them.