Controversy Over Drake’s Son

When he dies, put his money in his grave…but shouldn’t he give it to his son?

Drake recently shared a photo of his toddler son; and let’s just say, it took Twitter by storm. His son, Adonis Graham, was born on October 11, 2017. Despite being alive for more than two years, even Drake didn’t know Adonis was his.

In 2018, a rapper by the name of Pusha T wrote a song produced by Kanye West telling Drake to take ownership of his son. In this song Pusha T says “Adonis is your son” and “You are hiding a child, let that boy come home”. Though he mentions Drake’s name multiple times (his legal and stage name) the public never criticized Drake on it.

When Drake talked about why he didn’t claim his son for the beginning of his life, he simply said he was “not certain 100% of anything”. Multiple DNA tests were taken before Drake finalized his decision to be in his son’s life.

However, it wasn’t Drake’s lack of responsibility that caused such an outroar on Twitter, It was Adonis’s skin color- or rather the lack of color. 

Drake’s son is surprisingly light. He has brown, curly hair, however, his skin complexion and eye color made fans question whether or not he was really Drake’s son.

It needs to be noted that Drake is half white and half African American. His “baby-mama” also identifies as white. Adonis would therefore only be 25% African American and should look more like his white heritage.

People on Twitter also went as far as calling Drake a “sell-out”. That out of all the black women he could have chosen, he chose a white girl who has a shady past.

Sophia Brussaux–Adonis’s mother–used to have a career in the adult film industry. She was highly successful and still has her video floating around on sites such as Pornhub. She rarely ever talks about her past and focuses on her new career: painting. She’s even sold paintings to the pope.  Twitter users began dragging Drake once again saying it’s absurd how he would impregnate a pornstar…failing to mention that she gave up her career years ago.

Regardless if  Drake or Sophia gets tarnished, it will ultimately hurt Adonis. Memes have been made on apps such as Tik Tok, Instagram, and the infamous Twitter predicting how Adonis will look like in the future. Fans eluded him by looking like rapper Logic, and the actor who plays Tobias Whale in CW’s Black Lightning; Krondon.

It goes without saying that Adonis will always be in the spotlight as long as his father is. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, I’ll let you decide.