Raptor Bracket Challenge: Candy

Chocolate, gummies, caramel, and more, there are hundreds of types of candies. But, which one is Eaglecrest’s favorite?

We can’t deny the fact the human population has a strong sweet tooth. So much so that we have entire holidays, such as Halloween, dedicated to it. While over time we have created several types of treats to satisfy our sweet tooths, arguably the most popular and convenient form of this is candy. The duality of candy spreads across multiple different taste choices such as sweet and sour. Or multiple textures such as hard candy and chocolate. Trying to determine what candy is superior out of hundreds created over time is a challenge, as the choice crosses over several different taste factors. However, I have created a list of some of the most popular candies in the United States and will ask Eaglecrest High school to vote to determine which candy is superior to the rest. 

The votes are in, and the winner is… Sour Patch Kids!

Now, here’s a recap of the entire competition, all the way to the Sour Patch Kids victory.

Round 1 Recap: Reese’s Pieces vs. Reese’s Cups

These two candies have the same flavor to enjoy just different types of candies. With a high vote of 26-11, Reese’s Cups ended up taking the win when you put the two against each other. 


Round 1 Recap: Peanut M&M’s vs. Regular M&M’s

Similar to the Reese’s comparison, these M&M candies are always a classic treat that many enjoy. According to Eaglecrest High School students it seems that the original is always best, although it was a closer call with 22-15.


Round 1 Recap: Milk Duds vs. Butterfingers

Milk Duds and Butterfingers are both highly hated candies. Not chocolate flavored, hard candies or gummies it is hard to find a category where these candies fit into. Butterfingers pulled in the lead against the hated Milk Duds with a voting of 21-17.


Round 1 Recap: Swedish Fish vs. Peach Rings

The first official tie of the Raptor Candy Brackets is the two gummy candies, Swedish Fish and Peach Rings.  Many people who don’t enjoy your typical chocolate treats may go for a more gummy choice, like these two competitors. This debate will be solved over an Instagram poll of the two options.


Round 1 Recap: Milky Way vs. Snickers

As someone whose favorite candy bar is a Milky Way, it pains me to know I do not agree with the Eaglecrest student body. Snickers pulled in front of a fellow caramel filled treat with a vote of 21-17.



Round 1 Recap: Almond Joy vs. Crunch

I believe that Almond Joy candy bars are delicious and underrated, but yet again the Eaglecrest Student body does not agree with my opinions. With a far majority, Crunch candy bar leads the two pairs with 26-12. 


Round 1 Recap: Payday vs. Twix

In the first round, Twix has destroyed Payday candies. The peanut and caramel filled candy bar was only able to hold onto four votes to keep it in the running while its competitor ran away with 33. The follow up question, left or right Twix?


Round 1 Recap: Hershey’s vs. Kit Kat

I mentioned earlier that the original is always best- however, it seems that is not always the case. The classic chocolate bar commonly used for smores or simple snacking, lost against Kit Kat bars with an eight point difference of 15-23. 


Round 1 Recap: Licorice vs. Twizzlers

In this round of common candies, Twizzlers destroyed Licorice with 11 votes. Licorice failed to take away a single vote in the pair proving how the name-brand candy is better than the others. 



Round 1 Recap: Starburst vs. Skittles’

In this round of Starburst vs. Skittles, Starbursts takes the lead against Skittles with only two votes. These classic “S” candies going head to head help move Starburst to the next round.



Round 1 Recap: Lollipop vs. Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Ranchers win in this next matchup 7-3. Jolly Ranchers are a classic hard candy with multiple different flavors such as the classic cherry and grape flavors. Lollipops can vary a wide variety of different types such as DumDums or Tootsie Pops.


Round 1 Recap: Nerd Gummies vs. Sweet Tarts

My favorite candy in the whole world is Nerd Gummies, I can’t just eat one without the whole bag disappearing. The Eaglecrest student body seems to agree with 9 votes toward Nerd Gummies and only one vote toward Sweet Tarts. 


Round 1 Recap: Sour Patch Kids vs. Gummy Bears

A pattern in this round, Sour Patch Kids beats Gummy Bears by a total majority. The original gummy treat, Gummy Bears, falls behind the rendition with votes of 9-0, Sour Patch Kids. 


Round 1 Recap: Red Vines vs. Airheads

Airhead candies have been a thing since the 1980s, while Red Vines is a newer candy, released in 2001. Red Vines were only able to gain one vote in the pair while the Airhead candy gained seven votes. It seems the other versions of the Red Vines candy, Twizzlers and Licorice are more popular.


Round 1 Recap: York vs. 100 Grand

The second tie of the competition, and ever is York Patties and 100 Grand. With four votes each, it seems that the Eaglecrest body is not able to choose what candy they would rather enjoy. Another Instagram poll will be ran to decide the winner of the pair.


Round 2 Recap: 100 Grand vs. Reese’s Cups

With a higher portion of votes this round, Eaglecrest Highschool’s candy bracket is back for day four. Starting is 100 grand vs. Reese’s cups. Reese’s Cups takes the win with 23 votes while the 100-grand candy only is able to walk away with three votes to its name. 


Round 2 Recap: Regular M&Ms vs. Butterfingers

The classic travel candy pulls ahead again in this round, M&Ms are more than just a classic chocolate treat. They are commonly used in other snacks such as trail mix, or ice cream toppings. However, the losing candy of Butterfingers just has one use of enjoyment.


Round 2 Recap: Peach Rings vs. Snickers

Much to my surprise, the gummy treat pulls in front of the classic candy bar. Peach Rings just remind me of summer. The colors, the taste, and just the aura of Peach Rings scream sunshine and pool days. I’ll always have a bag by me during the upcoming months. 


Round 2 Recap: Crunch vs. Twix

Eaglecrest continues to show their undying love for Twix bars, Twix received 22 votes this round while its pairing, the Crunch bar was only able to get away with 5 votes. Twix lovers always seem to make it clear that they are Crunch lovers. 


Round 2 Recap: Starburst vs. Jolly Ranchers

Both of these candies have several different flavors and colors to their names. Starbursts also have many different lines like tropical and sweet and sour lines, which may help to expand your taste options. Starburst defeated Jolly Ranchers with a vote of 11-7.


Round 2 Recap: Kit Kat vs. Twizzlers

Apparently Eaglecrest students have a grudge towards Twizzlers as in this round of the competition they were only able to get two votes, while its competition got 16 votes. The famous breakable candy moves on to the next round. 


Round 2 Recap: Nerds Gummies vs. Sour Patch Kids

As I mentioned before, Nerd Gummies are my favorite candy ever. However, in the pair of two gummy candies, the more known and popular Sour Patch Kids won with 11 votes, while Nerd Gummies trailed close behind with 7 votes.


Round 2 Recap: Airhead vs. York Patty

It seems that mint candies are not very popular in this round competition. Airhead candies got 15 votes while its competitor could only get three. Airheads move onto the next round while York Patties falls behind in round 2. 


Round 3 Recap: Reese’s Cups vs. Regular M&M’s

When thinking of candies, Reese’s Cups and M&M’s are the first candies that come to mind. During the third round of the bracket, fan-favorite and beloved candy M&M’s got voted out. Its competitor, Reeses Cups went away with 13 while M&Ms was only able to get eight.

Round 3 Recap: Peach Rings vs. Twix

Peach Rings was one of the only gummy candies left in the bracket, and lost during round three to classic Twix bars. It seems that Eaglecrest students strongly prefer chocolate over their gummy competitors. Twix got 15 votes while Twix got six. 

Round 3 Recap: Kit Kat vs Starbursts

Kit Kat vs. Starbursts was such a close round. With only one vote determining the result of who would move on in the bracket, the breakable candy, Kit Kat, was the one able to run away with the singular vote of 11-10.


Round 3 Recap: Sour Patch Kids vs. Airheads

Both of these candies have several different flavors to choose from. It seems, yet again that Eaglecrest Students prefer the classics, the kind of candy you choose for birthday parties and gas station trips. Sour Patch kids won with 14 votes while Airheads got five votes . 


Round 4 Recap: Reese’s Cups vs. Twix

Round four is the round to decide which two candies go head to head-in the final round. Debatably, Reeses Cups and Twix are some of the most popular chocolate candies. However, Twix took the lead with 12 votes while Reeses Cups got seven, failing to move on to the final round. 


Round 4 Recap: Kit Kat vs Sour Patch Kids

It seems that Eaglecrest students highly prefer Sour Patch Kids. Sour Patch Kids got 16 votes and an invite to the next and final round. The breakable Kit Kat bar was only able to get three votes in this fourth round, failing to earn Eaglecrest’s love and move on to the final round. 

Round 5 Recap: Sour Patch Kids vs. Twix

In the final round of the competition, we had the Sour Gummy versus the sweet chocolate treat. Both have proved their superiority in the earlier rounds of the bracket, but in the end there can only be one winner. Sour Patch Kids pull ahead in a 14-8 vote, claiming the title of Eaglecrest’s favorite candy.