Insensitive Celebrities

Celebrities have the luxury to “work” without working. While many average Americans have felt the financial burden the coronavirus has sprung, people like Kylie Jenner and David Dobrik are literally set for life financially. 

Backlash arose on twitter when most celebrities just shared words of wisdom; they didn’t open their pockets. Twitter users weren’t looking for a handout. However, can the rich really ever experience what Average Americans are going through?

To make matters worse, a collection of twenty-five celebrities, led by Gal Gadot, sang a cover of the song Imagine, by John Lennon. Many on Twitter took this as a form of mockery; while some people are out here struggling, the rich display their wealth by singing a song about how everything will be okay. 

Adding on, singer Sia posted a picture that said “Virus” but crossed out “Vir” and left “us”. Many people on social media were confused as to what she meant. Later, she explained that this virus would unite us all, which made people infuriated. Sia has enough money to sit at home without the worry if she can pay her rent. It’s not a luxury many can afford. Many more instances with other celebrities like this occurred. 

After the backlash, celebrities that have notoriously helped fans out in the past began to ask people to write their Venmos and Cashapps in an effort to relieve some stress. Kylie Jenner donated 1 million dollars to a coronavirus relief organization and Mark Zuckerberg donated a total of 25 million. Even then, a few million to billionaires is a slim fraction of their wealth.

Twitter, being absolutely ruthless, began to “cancel” celebrities that were ignorant of the majority’s situations. In my opinion, people absolutely have a right to be upset at these celebrities. Many were clearly insensitive to other people’s financial situations and it is aggravating to know that everyone else but they are struggling. 

  That being said, it is not these celebrities’ jobs to pay for our well being. Naturally, during any emergency, the economy will crash and jobs will be lost. Do they need to pay for us every time we are in crisis? No. 

Instead, celebrities should just be more mindful when posting on any social media platform. But it shouldn’t be obligated to donate.