Governmental Charades

On the fourth of February, the annual ‘State Of The Union’ speech took place; delivered in the House chambers.
The State of the Union speech is a chance for the president to display his accomplishments and talk about the state of the union during the year. They also have the opportunity to award medals of honor, provide scholarships, and talk about the future.
This being president Trumps’ last State of the Union address before the presidential election later this year. He made sure to display his accomplishments on a gold platter to appeal to viewers.
Essentially, it’s the perfect campaigning opportunity. Historically, presidents use their first term as a campaigning platform, giving a long speech of what they will do if given the second term of presidency. Trump fell nothing short of that.
When Trump walked up to the podium, he delivered a copy of the speech to Vice President Mike Pence and to the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi offered to shake the presidents’ hand but in retaliation to the articles of impeachment, Trump didn’t shake.

Pelosi (right) extending her hand to Trump (left).
He began to deliver his speech. One criticism of Trump’s speech was that he was glued to the teleprompter.
Trump began his speech with the “comeback” of America. Claiming that he revitalized it in the 3 years he has been president. His slogan from “Make America Great Again” changed to “Keep America Great” as he believes that he has achieved greatness in America.
He then awarded conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Limbaugh was diagnosed with stage 4 advanced lung cancer. He is an advocate for Trump, his policies, and is well known among the conservative community. Limbaugh was thanked for his “decades of tireless devotion to our country”.
He gave a fourth-grader an opportunity scholarship, in which she can go to any school in America. This opportunity scholarship allows kids who are in tough economic situations or in low funded schools to have a chance to go to any school, around the country, of their choice. The student–Janiyah Davis– was one of the thousands of students who awaited for the scholarship.
He continued to talk about his accomplishments with killing ISIS military leader Al-Bagdadi and began to justify his killing of Iran Military Leader Qassem Solemani.
Solemani, similar to the commander in chief in the USA, had the job of deploying troops and creating missions. His death became controversial as there was no clear imminent threat during the time Trump ordered the airstrike. Though, there is clear evidence that Solemani had ordered troops to kill American soldiers in the past. The question posed by the public was: Was his death worth putting American lives in jeopardy.
Consequently, after the controversy surrounding the two-state Israel and Palestine solution, he began to speak about the future of the state of Israel, and how he hopes for peace. Assuming that we all want peace, wouldn’t politicians be happy? Not quite.
Many representatives began to “boo” at the president and people like Rashida Talib, who has infamously shown her opposition to the state of Israel, disregarded his speech.
At the end of his speech, some could argue in a theatrical performance, Pelosi ripped up the speech given to her-on national television.
Pelosi (right) rips up the speech given to her by Trump.
The State of the Union took place on the eve of the Senate impeachment trials. However, it was a no-brainer that Trump was going to get a non-guilty verdict on both articles as the Senate majority is Republican.
Though impeachment in itself is historic, something even more historic occurred. Senator Mitt Romney, who is Republican, voted guilty on the article: Abuse of Power. Romney became the first senator in the history of the United States of America to vote against his own party.
To sum up what he said:

“The grave question the Constitution
tasks senators to answer is whether the
president committed an act so extreme and
egregious that it rises to the level of a “high
crime and misdemeanor.”
Yes, he did.”
“The president’s purpose was personal and political.
Accordingly, the president is guilty of an appalling abuse of the public trust.”

Needless to say, this will have a lasting impact on Romney’s career. Republicans do not claim him anymore and he isn’t liberal enough to become a figure in the democratic party.
Donald Trump got acquitted of all charges. But what does this mean for the future of America? Absolutely nothing.
In history books, Trump will be known as the third impeached president…but that is it. He will run again for his second term of presidency, and if elected, will continue to be president.
In essence, the impeachment was a way for democrats to retaliate his presidency.