Eaglecrest Joins Together for Wish Week to Support Others

Here at Eaglecrest, a tradition happens every winter that excites the community and unifies them together to help a cause. That is WISH week, a week filled with events that support a certain person or charity.

This year, proceeds and donations go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). The Positive Impact class set up the events of the week, as well as Student Council setting up the dance before WISH week. 

The week started off the week before, on Thursday, January 30th, with Eaglecrest’s Next Top Raptor, in which Rishab Sodhi won the competition. Part of the night can be seen through a video at https://youtu.be/KYlI-ZEZbNM.

  On Friday, January 31st with an assembly dedicated to recognizing students with awards as well as to start off getting students rallied for the upcoming events that occurred over the next week as well as the winter dance, known officially as Blacklight Night, which happened that night. 

The Blacklight Night was a casual dance targeted around the theme of blacklights, neon colors and white. The proceeds went towards LLS as well. There was also an activity in which people colored in pictures that would be sent to kids suffering from Leukemia and Lymphoma. 

That monday, WISH week started off with “Jamma Day,” which was for wearing pajamas to school. Kool-Aid Jammers were also sold during lunches in which the proceeds supported LLS. Donations would also be accepted at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar through Change4Change using the code word “Eaglecrest.”

Tuesday gave a chance for students to dress as a certain character for, “Iconic Characters Day.” 

Nothing says the middle of the week like, “It is Wednesday My Dudes.” Wednesday was Meme Day, dressing up as your favorite meme during the day. Breakfast bagels were served in the Performing Arts Hallway as well as a Basketball game versus Mullen High School. The restaurant that day was Golden Flame Hot Wings, and part of the purchase would be dontatred to LLS. 

Thursday was celebrated as, “Connor’s Crew” which was a sports dress up to represent him throughout the day. There was also a $1 Hat Day to wear a hat. After school, escape rooms were set up as a fun activity in which you could find clues to help find the way out of a room. Prices started at $3 for one room, $5 for three, and $8 for all 5 rooms available. 

Despite the snow day on Friday, Raising Cane’s was open throughout the day that part of the purchase would be placed towards LLS with the code word, Eaglecrest.

The week overall was filled with excitement and fun activities to do, ranging from heading out to restaurants to ecstatic escape rooms, all to benefit a cause that not only Eaglecrest can support, but the whole world to help out unfortunate others.