Dababy Caught a Case

Early January 2020 in Miami, Florida, famous rapper Dababy (Johnathan Lyndale Kirk) was arrested for having an acting role in a robbery. Allegedly, Dababy had robbed a concert promoter after the promoter had shorted him about ten thousand dollars. 

In a video released to TMZ live, Dababy is seen jumping the promoter along with some of his friends. The promoter reported that the rapper had robbed him of eighty dollars, a credit card, an iphone 7, and then ended the robbery by dousing him in apple juice. 

Even though the robbery happened about three weeks ago, there have been no charges placed on Dababy since he had an open investigation in Dallas for organized criminal activity in which him and friends attacked a food stand employee in Fort Worth airport (video on TMZ live’s website). 

Additionally, the rapper had just weeks prior been arrested in his hometown, Charlotte, North Carolina, for possessing marijuana. In this case, Dababy argued that the police in his hometown target him since he seems to always have a run in with the police and there is always excessive force used. 

However, many social media outlets are saying that the rapper may not be let off easy since he had just did 30 days in jail for an attack that happened late 2018 in which a man was shot and killed inside a Walmart by the rapper. He claimed it was self defense.

 He had just finished his 12 months of probation and his jail sentence was suspended. The rappers bond is set at $1,500 and he is facing battery charges for the Dallas incident, but nothing further has been said on the Miami robbery.