Work Hard, Play Hard

Girls basketball closes out an intense season with a 40-55 loss against Fossil Ridge.


Last Friday, EHS Girls Basketball made a 2-hour trek to Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins. The mission: advance through the playoffs. After winning their first playoff game against Douglas County High School, the girls were excited to push themselves closer to the finals. 

The close back and forth between the Raptors and the Sabercats increased the intensity of the game. EHS held a solid lead on the game through the third quarter. Unfortunately, the fourth is when the scales began to tip in Fossil Ridge’s favor. 

By the end of the game, Fossil Ridge got their offense in check with a series of big shots that evened out the score. On top of that, the last few minutes of the game awarded the Sabercats clutch free throw after clutch free throw, enabling them to accumulate last-minute points that put the win just out of reach for the Raptors.

The final score was 40-55, with Fossil Ridge advancing into the ‘Sweet 16.’

“We could have won,” said Junior Jolene Ramiro.” It’s definitely sad because I didn’t want our season to end like that. But at the same time, [we’re] still getting better, and this team did a whole lot for this entire season.” 

This season has set up a strong foundation for the future of EHS girls basketball; the team is looking forward to continuing their pattern of growth and flourishing next year with hopes of winning state.