Fall Fest Back In Action

Fall fest is an event held at Eaglecrest where kids come to play games, make crafts, and get free candy.

The cafeteria was packed with families enjoying activities set up by clubs during Fall Fest. Each club offered different activities for the children to participate in — the activities ranged from bean bag toss to getting their face painted.

The cafeteria was packed with families enjoying the activities set up by clubs (Crystal Li).

At the Hip Hop Club stand, members held a booth where kids had to dance to get their candies. Members played a mix of Halloween and trending songs for the kids to dance to.

“I wanted to help them have a memorable time. So they could go home to their parents and be like ‘Oh my gosh, I danced and got candy.’ I just wanted to make their day,” said sophomore Isaac Lutalo. 

While some kids danced for candy, others played games to earn their treat. For National Art Honors Society, members created a haunted house stand where kids throw eyeballs into the house to hit the ghost inside. If the kids hit the ghosts, they got candy as a reward. 

“My favorite part was seeing kids have fun with something we made. We were really worried about the functionality of the house and if it would be fun for them. But the little kids took to it like a fish to water and they were all very polite. Seeing them have fun allowed me to know that the work was worth it,” said junior Lorenzo Zordani. 

Lorenzo Zordani explaining the rules to a little girl in a witch costume (Crystal Li).

For Team R.E.D, their activity revolved around a donut tied to a string. The kids have to try and eat a donut off the string without their hands. 

“We actually ran out of donuts, so we had to go get more. There were a lot of children who really liked donuts. Kids are funny, especially when they are trying to get the donuts on strings,” said junior Natasha Lamouria. 

For Pan Asian Cultural Club (PACC) they had a booth where they had candy laying on the table. Overall, the kids seemed to enjoy the game that PACC offered.

“We played a chopsticks game. It was picking up candies and putting them onto a plate with chopsticks. We’re offering Hi-Chew, Asian jellies, and AirHeads to the kids,” said senior Anh Tran.

Natasha Lamouria holding a donut, attached to a stick, as a little girl tries to eat it (Crystal Li).

While some kids were busy trying to earn candy, others took a break to get their faces painted at the Student Leadership booth. 

“We had a professional airbrush face painter, and we were handing out candy. It seemed like everyone was having a lot of fun,” said junior Aspen Cavanaugh. 

For students who helped their club with their booth, they enjoyed seeing the whole community gather in one place; they all enjoyed the activities set up by them.  

“I think it’s really cool to see all the clubs being creative with the activities that they have. And it’s fun to see the whole community here, ” said Tran.

Fall Fest ended with great success as families started to leave. Kids walked out of the school with huge smiles and bags full of candies. The event also left club members content because they knew they contributed to making the community a better place.