Volleyball Back on Top

Recap of last Thursday night’s Volleyball home-opener against Vista Peak.

Back into the full fall season, girls varsity volleyball did not disappoint. They brought the heat at their first home volleyball game of the season against the Vista Peak Bison. With an electric crowd, the girls were not shy of support and raptor spirit.

Aidan Nosal holds up the Call to Battle sign as the crowd gets excited to cheer the Raptors onto victory. (Rhyan Herrera)

Number 5, Claudia Rossi started the game off with a powerful jump serve, but the Bison came to play as they returned it with a good hit, giving them the first point of the game. The raptors quickly bounced back, with two consecutive points to take the lead as both teams continued to battle it out. With Sadie Lewis stepping behind the line to serve, she dominated with 2 back to back ace serves, leading the raptors onto controlling the game. 

With the halfway mark just around the corner, the Raptors did not let up as they had doubled Vista Peak in points, leaving the score at 12-6. An astounding continuation, accomplished by number 8 Dylan Harrower with 3 ace serves in a row, putting the raptors ahead 18-7. But, Vista Peak would not give up. Their blockers were placing quite the obstacles for the raptors, but adjustments were made quickly and efficiently. At set point for Eaglecrest 24-12, the Raptors number 10, Maddie Jones wrapped up the set with a service ace.

Raptors celebrating together after scoring a huge point off a long lasting rally against the Bison. (Rhyan Herrera)

The second set started off with Vista Peak serving, but Eaglecrest’s setter Claudia Rossi, firing back with an amazing setter dump. The raptors started out strong in the second set, racking up multiple points, and taking the lead, with Vista peak slowly, coming back with some points in, stealing the lead from eaglecrest, making the game score 6-7.  The score bounced back and forth as each team tried to find some ground to hold down onto. Halfway through the game Eaglecrest was leading by one point, the score being 12-11, the raptors stood strong, regardless of how close the game was. 

Vista peak was closing in on taking the 2nd set, but the game was neck to neck. Rallying back and forth, the set was getting closer and closer, with a tense environment, as the score was 18-18, both teams nearing a victory, in an influential set. 

The crowd screamed on, doing their best to keep Eaglecrest’s spirits high, as the set neared its end, while the game was tied 20-20. Vista Peak had the advantage scoring multiple points, making the set theirs, with a score of 24-21. Although the set was almost the Bisons, the Raptors never gave up, scoring 2 more points, narrowing the difference between the teams by only 1 point. Despite their best efforts the Raptors lost the second set, with an end of set score 23-25.

Claudia Rossi and Sadie Lewis at the net getting prepared to receive a serve from the Bison. (Rhyan Herrera)

Striking back, the Raptors went onto win the 3rd and 4th set, the excitement through the gymnasium in both sets left ears ringing. Dylan Harrower went on to say, “I truly believe that the crowd’s energy carried us to victory as it helped us bounce back”. 

With the loud cheers and big jumps with every point the Raptors made, the power in our team was untouchable and definitely underestimated. Multiple aces, outstanding setter dumps and crazy blocks the Raptors gave the Vista Peak Bison a run for their money.

Pure excitement among the raptors as they take the 4th and final set, taking the win over the Vista Peak Bison. (Rhyan Herrera)