The Aftermath of the 2020 Election

A look at local issues affected by the 2020 election.

Image of the Colorado State Capitol Rotunda.

Image Courtesy of the Colorado General Assembly.

Image of the Colorado State Capitol Rotunda.

What an election it has been, filled with chaos and worry. Now that the 2020 Election is finally over, and after a large debate at the federal level, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have become the 46th President and 49th Vice President of the United States. As of November 18, The Associated Press projected that Biden has won 290 electoral votes and incumbent President Donald Trump has won 232, with Georgia being the only state that has not been called for a candidate at this point. However, despite everything going on at the Federal level, what about here in Colorado?

Image of United States Senator Elect John Hickenlooper. (Image Courtesy of the National Governors Association)

One of the greatest impacts of the 2020 Election in the state was the race for the US Senate. According to the Associated Press, with 99% of polls reporting, John Hickenlooper, a Democrat who was the former Mayor of Denver and Governor of Colorado, has won the election with 53.5% of the vote, or 1,730,722 votes. Incumbent Senator Cory Gardner, a Republican and former Congressman for Colorado’s 4th District in the US House of Representatives, had 44.2% of the vote or 1,429,085 votes.

There’s a lot to do, and Lord knows the system in Washington is a broken mess. But I’m an optimist, I know this country is ready to begin a new chapter. So tonight, I pledge to you I will work my heart out for this state that I love, and I will do everything I can to bring common sense, and decency, to our work,” John Hickenlooper stated in his acceptance speech on the night of November 3rd.

Senator Cory Gardner gave a welcome attitude to John Hickenlooper in his concession speech also on the night of November 3rd, stating, “A moment ago, I spoke to Sen.-elect John Hickenlooper on his victory tonight, to welcome him to the United States Senate and to make sure that he knows I will support him in this transition any way that I can, to make sure that it’s as smooth as possible, and we will assist him with any questions that he might have as he navigates this new role.”

Hickenlooper in his speech also thanked Gardner, stating, “I want to thank Senator Gardner for his service and wish him and his family the very best. I want to say to everyone that voted for him I’ll be your Senator, as well.”

Explanation of Proposition 115 in the Colorado State Ballot Information Booklet. (Image Courtesy of The Coloradoan)

There were also all the Colorado ballot issues that were voted on on November 3rd, with results from The Associated Press at 100% reporting listed below. 

Amendment 76 Require Citizenship To Vote: 62.9% Yes

Amendment 77 Local Gaming Limit Approval: 60.5% Yes

Amendment B Repeal Property Tax Assess Rates: 57.5% Yes

Amendment C Charitable Gaming Conduct: 52.3% Yes

Proposition 113 National Popular Vote: 52.3% Yes

Proposition 114 Restore Grey Wolves: 50.9% Yes

Proposition 115 Ban Late-Term Abortions: 59% No

Proposition 116 Reduce State Income Tax: 57.9% Yes

Proposition 117 New Enterprise Requirement: 52.5% Yes

Proposition 118 Family and Medical Leave: 57.7% Yes

Proposition EE Tobacco and Nicotine Tax: 67.6% Yes

But wait, there’s more! Here around Eaglecrest there were also decisions that had affected us locally, and even representatives that were some of the most highly contested in the state. 

Graphic on the Cherry Creek Schools Website thanking voters for passing of Issues 4A and 4B. (Image Courtesy of the Cherry Creek School District)

Most, if not all residents around Eaglecrest and throughout portions of Aurora, Centennial, Foxfield, and Greenwood Village received two ballot measures from the Cherry Creek School District. Issues 4A and 4B was a proposition to increase property taxes by $35 million (4A) as well as for the debt of the school district to increase by $150 million (4B) in order to maintain schools, classes, and staff, as well as the creation of a new elementary school and a, “mental health/day treatment center” for Cherry Creek students. According to the Arapahoe County Elections Division, Issue 4A passed with 63.3% of the vote and 4B passed with 69.92% of the vote.

Multiple Local Representatives were voted on this year in which Eaglecrest students reside. US Representatives, Regents for the University of Colorado, State Representatives, State Senators, Arapahoe County Commissioners, and the District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District all had appeared on the ballot this year around the area of Eaglecrest. The elected winner results from the Colorado Secretary of State can be found below:


United States House of Representatives: 6th District of Colorado: Jason Crow (D), 250,366 Votes

Regent of the University of Colorado – District 6: Ilana Spiegel (D), 225,953 Votes

Colorado House of Representatives – District 36: Mike Weissman (D), 26,697 Votes

Colorado House of Representatives – District 37: Tom Sullivan (D), 27,842 Votes

Colorado House of Representatives – District 40: Naquetta Ricks (D), 25,516 Votes

Colorado Senate – District 27: Chris Kolker (D), 51,024 Votes

Colorado Senate – District 28: Janet Buckner (D), 51,042 Votes

Arapahoe County Commissioner – District 3: Jeff Baker (R), 40,916 Votes (Close Election)

District Attorney – 18th Judicial District: Amy L. Padden (D), 194,133 Votes


Overall, this election featured much more than a battle between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, but a whole list of important representatives and ballot measures that can impact our lives in a variety of different aspects. Some measures were passed, some denied. Some representatives were able to continue for another term, while others will now be receiving a new representative soon –all chosen by us as a community.


Disclaimer: Results from the Arapahoe County Elections Division and the Colorado Secretary of State are Unofficial Results, meaning that they will be subject to change and these results may differ in the future than what is listed at the time this story has been posted.