Eaglecrest Student Tutors Making a Change

Student tutors help freshmen pass their failing classes.

The tutoring program has been at Eaglecrest Highschool since the 2018-2019 school year. The program is a branch of the larger Raptor Academy Program. There was a model already existing in Colorado Springs and the CCSD principals had taken interest in the program, so all the high school principals in CCSD visited the model. There was a book called The Revitalized Tutoring Center by Jeremy Koselak and Brad Lyall that had influenced the idea of having a tutoring center at EHS as well.

The program is dedicated to helping freshmen pass the classes that they are failing. However, not all freshmen get tutored. The tutoring center only reaches out to those who need help. The help that the freshmen receive can range from all their core classes. There are two groups of tutors, one for Math and the other one for English. The English group goes down a little deeper than just tutoring. They also assist the freshmen with science, social studies, and basically anything but Math. 

Megan Smith, English tutor. (Crystal Li)

Being a tutor comes with many benefits. The tutors can either receive up to seventy-five hours of community service or 0.50 elective credits per semester. The tutors also experience how to work well with others. It also helps them review things that they learned in their freshman year. 

Megan Smith is a sophomore, and it’s her first year of being an English tutor. Smith believes that the program provides an opportunity “to [get to] know the other grades. It’s really fun to be able to be helpful, and it’s just a really fun connecting experience.” Smith really enjoys the experience of being a tutor and helping freshmen understand whatever concept they are struggling with. 

Most of the tutors have the same view when it comes to working with freshmen. Zoey, a junior, is a Math tutor, and it’s her second year of tutoring. She only tutors first semester because the units that Algebra 1 students learn is what she knows best. She enjoys tutoring freshmen that “talk and ask a lot of questions. It’s nice to have someone who will actually talk to you instead of just stay[ing] quiet.”

Zoey (center) helping the freshmen understand the concepts. (Crystal Li)

Other student tutors have much more experience than some of the newer ones. Jose Valle, a senior, has been a Math tutor since his sophomore year. Valle admitted that it felt amazing to know that he is providing the help that the freshmen needs. “I initially did it for community service cause I knew it gave you a bunch of hours. I actually ended up liking it, so I’ve been doing it,” Valle responded when asked why he chose to become a tutor.

Proctor, English Tutoring Director. (Crystal Li)

The tutoring center directors are proud of the student tutors and the freshmen for being hard workers. Keith Proctor, an English Tutoring Center Director, praised his tutors for being “willing to jump in and be flexible. Their excitement on to help students in anything. They are really good at building relationships with [the freshmen].” Proctor volunteers to be a director because he enjoys working with freshmen, and it’s something he doesn’t mind investing time in.

According to some of the freshmen, they were grateful and appreciated the tutors a lot. They find the tutors really helpful when it comes to helping them understand their subjects that they are struggling with. Their passion to learn and to improve in their classes has made the tutors’ job much easier. 

Students get recommendations from their teachers to become a tutor. If a student doesn’t get recommended by their teacher, but are interested, they can always learn more about the program from either the Math or English Tutoring Center Directors in room E202. The directors are always looking for more tutors. If you are interested, feel free to ask the directors questions. The only major requirement for being a tutor is to have the ability to work well with others. You don’t have to be in Honors or AP classes in order to be a tutor. If you are interested in making a change to the community, tutoring is a great way to start.