What Does EHS Think About The 2020 Election?

Photos of presidential candidates Donald Trump on the left, Joe Biden on the right. Image Courtesy of AP Photo, Getty Images, and Minnesota Public Radio.

No matter how you consume information, whether through social media, television, the newspaper, or even smoke signals, the 2020 Election has been mentioned in every small piece of media. Commentators, opinionated shows, and more have always mentioned the election on a national scale.

However, what about the local opinion from students here at Eaglecrest, our own community? As diverse as our community is, their opinions on the 2020 Election have not been heard yet. All of these interviews have been taken anonymously. 

“I don’t think either of them would be good, but Biden would definitely be less bad,” said a student here at Eaglecrest. “Mostly because of a lot of the damage that Trump has done to our country’s international reputation.”

Eaglecrest’s former newspaper, The Eagle Quill, reported on a poll of 347 students in October 2016, finding that Hillary Clinton had a higher majority than Donald Trump in terms of choice of candidate in the 2016 Election. 

Poll conducted by Amber Carey and Graphic was created by Timothy Bates, The Eagle Quill October 2016 Issue.

“Trump,” said another student here at Eaglecrest. “This is because he’s a Republican. I agree with most of the policies. [But] I’d feel alright if Biden won.”

Another student stated, “I don’t really have a preference right now. I don’t really like either of them, and if I had to pick, I’d probably pick Biden. I support his cause more than Trump’s.”

According to a poll from The Economist/YouGov, with 1,192 registered voters answering between September 13 and September 15 of this year, 50% of the answers had supported Biden and 41% had supported Trump. 

These students here are only examples of the varying opinions here at this school. With 3,039 students from just the 2019-2020 school year, opinions can vary wildly throughout the school population. 

However, this is only in September, and with November around the corner, along with many debates, campaign speeches, drama, and more, the result of the 2020 Presidential Election remains uncertain.