Video Chat Game Apps During Quarantine

Due to the current pandemic, schools and a number of jobs have been pushed to be continued in our own homes. As a result of this, many video chatting apps have become very popular to help people stay in touch. Certain teachers have been using Zoom, or Microsoft Teams when trying to keep in touch with their students. 

Zoom has become very popular for businesses and schools to connect. In fact, the number of daily users has increased to 200 million daily users in March, 2020. Zoom meetings can hold up to 1,000 users at once. Zoom has a pro option for people to have longer chat time and more added users at once, for $14.99/month. 

Skype has been another favorite for many people, for a much longer time though. Skype is free and available for people on mobile devices or computers, A max of 50 people can skype at once in video or audio chats. 

Microsoft Teams has been a teacher favorite at this time too. 250 people can be in a meeting at once. Microsoft Teams can run off of mobile devices, or laptops too. 

Zoom, in my experience, works the best due to the number of people and the audio is good and you can see everyone’s picture at once, and teachers can have full class meetings or do one on ones with students. 

Most teachers seem to choose Zoom over other apps too, but there are many apps that could be used to keep everyone in touch. 

Not only do teachers need to keep in touch with students and business people with other business people but friends need to stay in touch with friends and apps like Facetime and Houseparty are good options. 

Many people know Facetime and it is only available for apple devices but if you have one, you can facetime with 32 friends at once. Facetime can be put on any apple product and can be used to connect with other apps such as Duo on other smartphones. 

Houseparty is great for close friends or family. Users can open their own room and invite up to 8 people at once to talk or play fun games together. Houseparty is available for smartphones and Macs.

During this time we need to be sure to stay in touch with the people that matter and there are so many video chatting apps that can help us do that. You just need to find the one that works for you.