Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show Controversies

On February 2nd, Super Bowl LIV took place at Hard Rock Stadium in Florida. The Kansas City Chiefs took their first Super Bowl beating the San Francisco 49ers 31-20; however, if you’re anything like me you don’t care about the game. You’ve only tuned in for the halftime show.

This year’s halftime show featured Jennifer Lopez and Shakira as powerful headliners. And as you know, when powerful women take stage people get angry, and the show proved controversial to some viewers.

J.Lo is acknowledged as a powerhouse Latina and has played a momentous role in increasing representation of Latinos in fashion, film, and television. Shakira’s music is heavily influenced by her Arabian heritage and Spanish ancestry. With their combined power in the Super Bowl halftime show, “it was showing off a culture that we never really see,” says Collin Berg, “overall I thought it was a cool idea and great.”

Many viewed the halftime show duo as influential and even iconic. But with every positive comment on the performance there’s a negative one. Some saw the performance as “too much”, or “inappropriate”, or even had something to say about the display of different cultures. 

“We [put on] a show that I believe was a celebration of women and our Latino culture that I think was really well reserved,” says J.Lo in response to the criticisms of the performance. 

Despite the negative reviews, J.Lo and Shakira’s performance at Super Bowl LIV will be one to remember.