Trends That Should be Dropped in 2020

As we enter the new decade it is obvious that some trends need to be dropped. Although some trends are more serious than others, most trends are popular to the younger generations. For instance, some of the more serious trends that should be left in the previous decade are vaping and faking mental health.  Vaping should be dropped in the new decade because many people have been diagnosed with harsh lung related injuries, along with that many studies have shown that teens can be highly addicted to vaping and not even realize it. As for mental health, many people think that randomly cutting/ dying your hair means that you have a mental illness, when in reality you were just going through a break up and got bored. Many people think that people faking a mental illness is actually pretty insulting to those who actually have to struggle daily with their illness.

However, most of these trends are of little importance, like Filas, Teslas, astrology and the Popeyes chicken sandwich. Now if your a teenager glued to their phone then you know exactly what these trends are, but if your not then let me break it down. Now about two or three years ago the popular shoe company Filas came back into style with their Filas F-13. Now these shoes are extremely controversial because many people believe they are a great style and also very comfortable, but others say that they are quite ugly and for their price your better off buying a classic pair of vans, in fact Aariyah Johnson(‘21) stated “ they look like bricks”.

The next trend that needs to go is the hype on Teslas, the tesla model X in particular, which made its debut in the winter of 2015. This car has been able to keep its hype for so long because of its features which include: butterfly doors, autopilot drive, a 17” display screen, and this car is 100% electric which helps the planet.  The Tesla; however, has been somewhat of a controversial topic, many people think that the car is actually very aesthetic, whereas others think the car is “Completely pointless and ugly” Trenika Williams(‘21). But be that as it may the some of the most famous internet influencers own a Tesla like James Charles, Jaden Smith and Jay-Z. It’s because of these people that Tesla has been able to keep their hype alive. 

Next up is astrology, this trend must go too. Many people think it’s okay to blame their zodiac signs for their actions rather than take accountability. This is extremely annoying because your actions have nothing to do with your zodiac sign, that’s like saying Ted Bundy killed all those people because he was a Sagittarius.

Lastly, the Popeyes chicken sandwich was one of the biggest trends to break the internet. The sandwich was released in mid August and after only two weeks the sandwich sold out nationwide, this of course caused a lot of controversy between other fast food restaurants like Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s who also have chicken sandwiches, a lot of people actually found the sandwich to be very delicious; however, many people found that the sandwich couldn’t compete with Chick-fil-A, Brandi Canady (‘21) expressed ” it’s only a thigh without a bone which anyone can make. Plus they slap it in between two buns with some basic sauce and call it the best sandwich”. Now after only 6 months of being on the market Popeyes across the U.S have sold over 65 million. Even though this sandwich is good, it will never beat the famous Chick-fil-A sandwich. 

These trends should be left in 2019. These are some of the most popular topics that should be left in 2019 since they are now untalked about topics, and it is true that when these topics first hit the internet that they were the new trend or wave; however, there is more pressing things that we should be arguing about than a chicken sandwich.