EHS Winter Formal: Blacklight Dance

After 11 years, Eaglecrest is getting the winter formal back this January. Student Council, the group in charge of bringing it back, is planning a more casual blacklight dance encouraging people to wear white or neon colored clothes. Student Council hopes to make this dance different than homecoming or prom, and wants the dance to be more laid back, fun, and also cheaper. 

“It’s wish week so the proceeds benefit a great cause,” Student Council teacher Rashaan Davis said. “Any opportunity we get for kids to gather socially is going to be a great thing.” The winter dance, which will be on January 31, will be a fun activity because we don’t have many activities or days off of school in the last 4-5 months of school.

“Especially in January, we have a long span with no time off,” Security guard Bryon Malafronte said. “It will just keep them in good spirits.” Most people are really looking forward to the laid back idea of the dance.

I feel like we need more casual dances because for homecoming and prom we stress it too much and it takes away from the fun,” sophomore Natnael Tecle said. Tecle likes the casual aspect of the dance and hopes that this will give the student body a chance to just let loose and have fun without the stress or worry. 

Malafronte sees another benefit—he sees the student body spending a lot of money during prom and homecoming season because they stress over looking good. This is something this dance would change.

“Come. Just have fun. Don’t worry about ‘is my hair perfect or is my dress perfect.’ Come and just enjoy yourself” he said. However, Alysia Arnold has a different opinion on whether people will stress over looking fancy or not, “I feel like people are still going to try to look fancy at the winter formal.” 

Mr. Davis on the other hand, thinking about the underclassmen, thinks that if underclassmen are only going to homecoming they only have one dance each year. Since the formal is for all, it’s something everyone can join in.