PHOTO: Joint Band Concert (Jan. 14, 2020)

Thunder Ridge, Sky Vista, and Eaglecrest’s bands combined this last Tuesday to give an awe inspiring performance. The theatre was filled to the brim with energy pouring from each and every school band, especially our own Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble. Both played with great conviction and left little to be desired thanks to the smoothness of their pieces.
The band’s played in what felt like near perfect harmony, even now I can’t get the Baby Elephant Walk piece out of my head thanks to it’s upbeat tempo and rhythm. Having rehearsed 3-4 times among classes, they surely gave an exceptional performance that left the crowd feeling satisfied. Thunder Ridge principal, Blakely Wallace, made an appearance saying the bands were all amazing, and her favorite piece was the last of the night titled Aggressivo which was played by all three school bands. I couldn’t agree more with her statement.
Mr. Mabrey the EHS band director knows better than anyone how essential the concert is for 8th graders so they can be relieved of the fear of first being auditioned by him and then trying to adjust to a high school schedule. Eaglecrest band members Sam Smith and Owen Eichensneer felt that this performance was really an opportunity to help make the 8th graders feel better about making the switch to high school band, and especially with the dinner afterwards, how important it is for the EHS bands to get really familiar with them so the transition is like taking a walk in the park rather than through a scary forest. I, and surely many others, are looking forward to the next joint band concert to say the very least.