Journalism is Punk

Tying Punk Culture to the Importance of Journalism

Punk rock. A fast moving, loud, and aggressive form of music that began its rise in the late 1970s and early 80s with bands like The Sex Pistols and Ramones that emerged a culture much larger than music. While punk culture surrounds itself with its outspoken music, rebellious fashion, and loud political ideologies, at the heart of it all is holding firm to your beliefs. 

How does this tie into journalism? 

In America, the First Amendment holds on a pedestal the fundamental right to free press. The importance of journalism, and the role of journalists, is critical in today’s society. And it’s punk as hell. Journalism is about informing the public. The job of journalists is to inform and educate the people and to guide the audience towards decisions. The goal is to shine light on issues, and make people speak up in order for change. 

“Punk is about going against the grain and standing up and saying, ‘This is who I am’” says Joey Ramone. Journalism is what punk is all about. It’s brave. It’s loud. It can move a whole audience; it’s capable of changing minds. It’s about having your voice heard, and not straying from what you believe.

With that said, be loud. Go crazy. The most punk thing you can do is push change, and that is the momentous role of journalism.