Clubs and Sport Seniority

High school is where you find where you fit in. Some seem to be more known than others, we are made unique by our groups and interests.

More than 300 people participate in track at Eaglecrest, but why? What makes track so special?

Track is a sport that continues to become more successful with its gigantic team of Eaglecrest students. Some people are more serious about playing the sport, but some are just there for their friends, and for the experience.

Sadie Halladay and Eve Foster are both freshman and in track. They explained that they are multiple students that continue to get more exposure from track. “Though, it is mostly seniors or juniors, because they have been in track for longer than the students there,” Sadie said, “Most of the newer track people are freshman.” 

There are various types of activities and clubs in our Eaglecrest community. While track is a significant one, Tenille Hefflin, a freshman in track, says “I think they’re equally important but one is more noticed than the others. It’s so hard to get enough appreciation for both [or all] groups, usually sports seems to be talked about a lot more than others.” 

The complex jump roping routine from Legally Blonde with Issac Lutalo (left side). (Eliana Pena)

Now, some students don’t agree with this statement. Another freshman disagrees, “I feel specifically like bands and theater are a lot higher up than any other sports and clubs.” Sadie Halladay said. 

In our community, the Eaglecrest theater recently put on a production of Legally Blonde. The Legally Blonde cast got so much recognition and support, along with the people that participated being in the pit. Issac Lutalo argues that “The theater department and pit, it was nice to do both of them, so they both were supported and represent our school.” 

He later states, “I feel like both band and theater are the things that are super popular right now, especially with doing Legally Blonde.” Heard from most people, theater and band seem to be the most recognized aspects of the Eaglecrest clubs as of recently. They have continued to get more and more awareness from lots of different groups.

The band qualified for state this year. In 2022, they made state as well, but haven’t gotten lots of notice for going to state. Last year, they barely got any support or attention, but this year that has changed. This year, they have gained more support compared to what they have seen in the past. It was mentioned on the entrance billboard of the school, and at the most recent assembly. 

Joe Mello, Racheal Carlson, and Adam Dymond all played the trumpet at a practice from two years ago. (Right to left)
(Ren Hotzfeld)

But overall, our interests and extracurricular activities are something that are significant to our school and a place where we feel like we belong.