Debate on Gun Control


Liberal –

America is facing a domestic threat. More and more often there is gun violence on the news from mass shootings to domestic violence to accidental deaths of children. When our founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms they never imagined guns that could shoot 45 rounds per minute or even 400-500 rounds with a bump stock. This firing rate was forgien to them. When our rights begin to infringe on others well being we must consider the importance of such rights.

We should not remove all guns in the country. Both sides have to be willing to compromise to find a common ground with these issues. No person needs a bump stock to go hunting or any semi automatic rifle. Dealing with the issue of guns in America is a marathon not a sprint. Taking away any gun right off the bat is not the way to gain support. If people can register their guns, take gun safety classes, and submit to tests on their mental stability that right there is a place to start. Cars are regulated just the same because they can be dangerous even if that is not their purpose. So why shouldn’t we regulate something that is meant to harm?

Guns tear families apart and leave a lasting mental scars that can ruin someone’s life. From PTSD from going to the store to not being able to enjoy concerts, America needs to give its citizens peace of mind back.